Friday, June 22, 2012

What to wear when you have heavy thighs

None of us have a 'perfect' shape. However, some of us have learned the tricks to making ourselves appear more balanced. It's all about knowing which clothing styles to choose for your shape.

One problem area for many women is a full hip and/or larger thighs. While clothes certainly can not 'magically' remove our extra weight, they most certainly can help us appear more balanced and therefore slimmer.

Pick the right jacket length! The first thought might be to try and cover-up large thighs. But what happens is when you wear a longer are drawing the eye right to your problem area! Compare the images below to see what I mean.

On the left: BAD jacket length (too long) 
On the right: GOOD jacket length (stops above the full-hip area).  

See what a positive impact the right jacket length can make?

Don’t wear jackets (or tops) longer than mid-hip length. A jacket that stops at the widest part of your hip will draw attention there by creating a horizontal line where the jacket ends. 

I hope this style tip gets you in your closet. Try on all your jackets and tops and assess the length of each of them. Remove the ones that are too long.

Love, Leslie

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