Friday, May 21, 2010

Do you have "LBD"

Do you have "LBD"?

Do you have “LBD”? Is it contagious? Should you take something for it? Nah, it’s not a bad thing, or a disease…actually it is a good thing that MissusSmartyPants wants you to catch! “LBD” is fashion lingo for the timeless classic…a “Little Black Dress”.

Any modern day woman who finds she’s always short on time and cash for clothes-- will find she needs a “Little Black Dress”. It can be an essential part of her wardrobe that comes to the fashion rescue in a pinch! It’s a “wild card” that can be played again and again when you find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear!”

The popularity of the “Little Black Dress” was credited to the fashion icon, Coco Chanel back in 1926. That year she created a new “flapper” dress that debuted in Vogue Magazine. Back then, her design was considered flashy and shocking because it was a short dress out of a slinky black jersey fabric. A jersey knit was considered underwear fabric and the color black was reserved for funerals and nuns! Thank goodness times have changed!

The instant slimming qualities of the “LBD” alone are enough to make women want an "LBD" in their wardrobes. Black is a wardrobe color many women rely on, and the “LBD” can make you feel sexy like Audrey Hepburn in “A Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. What woman doesn’t want to feel desirable and like a goddess?

With its classic styling, you can never be under-stated or over-dressed. The LBD can rescue you when you find that your “fashionista ways” have taken a back seat to everyday havoc of kids, schedules and a busy life…not to worry!  When you pull out this perennial favorite, your style is saved once again! Think of your black dress as a blank canvas, and you are the artist. With the selection of colors in your accessories you can create your own loo.! This is very very important! Accessorize with colors…have fun here! You can almost never go wrong!

Here’s are ways you can change the look of your “Little Black Dress” for various occasions. Wear it to the office with a cardigan or blazer over the top, add some pearls and classic pumps and you have a conservative, polished look. Then, as quick as you can snap your fingers… you can change the look for an after work cocktail party. Simply change into some strappy heels, lose the cardigan, add dramatic earrings and pull your hair up. Your look has completely changed with the same dress! You will look amazing and no one will ever know it was the same dress!

Do you have a "LBD" (perhaps another color---but a solid color basic dress) in your wardrobe that you can go to in a fashion pinch? Tell me about your "go-to" basic dress and how you make the same dress super-casual to dressy for various occasions....


  1. This dress I'm showing I just tried on a client this week! So cute for summer--you'll want one too!

  2. Thanks for the great post, Leslie. My LBD is royal blue. I've worn it with a sweater to church, with a jacket to work and jury duty, with a lacy shrug to a winter wedding, and with dressy accessories to a cocktail party. When everyone's in black, I stand out.

  3. I have a brown and black LBD and both have served me well for various occasions. Yours sounds great SL!

  4. I have a couple of LBDs in my wardrobe and, although black isn't my best colour (you told me I'm a spring, Leslie!) I can always get away with wearing them if I use a scarf (in my 'good' colours) near my face. Gotta love scarves! LOL

  5. i have 3 LBDs- two casual (one bamboo, one cotton) and one dressy (black lace overlay over nude lining). but i want more :P

  6. About a decade ago I bought an Essential Travel Dress from TravelSmith in the basic, short-sleved, Empire-waist style. It is only one of the LBDs I own, but I use it constantly. At something like $80 plus tax/shipping, it more than paid for itself in the first year. Simple and elegant, I can wear it on a place, to a dinner, out walking around the city, to work, to a conference, everywhere. Easily accessorized. I receive tons of compliments on it--doesn't wrinkle, can be washed in a hotel sink and dries overnight, packs in tiny space, and always looks good. After a decade, I am about to buy dress #2--only because dress #1 is losing threads in the seams. Oh, and it's great if you have a litle extra in the waist, hips or thighs.

  7. Finally bought my first LBD last year at 53 years of age. I've worn it once. I'm a spring, too, and black tends to make me look dead so I'm thinking accessories have got to work. Hope so. I'm sorry, Leslie, but had to crack up at the typo "you can create your own loo.!"

  8. Vannie,

    I don't see the typo. If I did, I'd fix it, LOL!

  9. msp.. the eye sees what it wants or expects to see, but if you look again at the sentance above, you will realize that the word "look" at the end is actually "loo" so unless you want someone to create their own toilet... you've got a typo heh.


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