Sunday, September 26, 2010

You can have great style!

This season there are exciting new silhouettes to try! However, many women are afraid to try something new with their style. Perhaps because they don't know if the style is right for them. Is it right for their body shape, is it too "out of the box" and fashion-forward because they are afraid to try something new? Being stuck in a style rut makes your life dull, so why not explore new style?

Many women sit on the sidelines and let fabulous style just pass them by. Is this you, and if so why? What is holding you back from great style?

You certainly don't have that twenty-something shape anymore, but aren't you more confident than you were then? What is holding back your style could be your negative attitude and the social media's influence of what the "perfect" woman's body is....

(This cute sweater vest is a fabulous fall style---Coldwater Creek)

Women sometimes give up on style and feel they can never look as good as they once did--when they were younger or thinner. I’m here to tell you beauty is NOT a size or particular shape. What is important is finding out what styles are best for your body shape. Learning how to highlight your good parts and minimize the not so good parts is what makes you look great. When women dress for today they feel like a million bucks!

Be realistic with yourself and love yourself enough to make some changes in your appearance. No more do you have to just put on “whatever”! You can have great style—just the way you are!

The media's negative talk doesn't help us! When it comes to images of beautiful women, we are inundated by the media of what women should look like. When you stand at the check-out lane in the grocery store, you see slim, vivacious women on the covers of magazines. You see celebrities that look too good to be true. Guess what? They are! The glossy photos of women on the cover of Cosmo, and other magazines, ALL have been air brushed to perfection. Yes, they may be beautiful women, but if the angle was not quite right or they appeared “thicker” than what the editor had in mind, then picture is re-touched to make them appear “perfect”. This in NOT what real women look like! (Thank Goodness) To get a more realistic idea… look around you. Open your eyes and see women on a bus, in the doctor’s office, out shopping at the stores--everywhere. They are not magazine covers--they are REAL women. They are beautiful women with flabby arms, average height, petite women with full bottoms, those with skinny arms and everything in-between. Take a look in the mirror and see what another REAL woman looks like—YOU!

Regardless of your dress size, shape or age you CAN have terrific style all you have to do is reach out and grab it! Make it happen! All women have some figure challenges—it a matter of finding the styles and cuts that work for you. When you learn WHAT to wear and WHY, then you will begin to have that style other women envy!

You may wish you had that “twenty-something” body again. Don’t live in the past! Instead, dress for today and look ahead to great style! Start learning to dress your body shape and your body will “appear” well proportioned and everyone will want to know what your “style secrets”are! Great style is NOT a size or shape--it's about attitude, great fit and knowing what styles are your best! Having great style is for YOU!

Need help knowing what styles are most flattering for your shape? Check out my website:
Love, Leslie


  1. I am 63 and have no clue what to wear anymore!
    I live in blue jeans and am so tired of them.
    I do not like polyester.

  2. My sister is really the fashionista in the family, but I'm trying. I promise!

  3. I also used to have no clue on style before signing up for missussmartypants at her website. She helped me so much that now people ask me for fashion advise!

    When you first start out she makes it super easy with shopping guides based on your body shape where you can just click to buy clothes that will look good. Or you can also learn why those styles work for you so after a while you can do this for yourself.

    What I liked the most though is that this is targeted for real women who don't have perfect bodies or lots of money. I am on disability income yet still was able to build a nice wardrobe after I lost weight and had to buy all new clothes.

    Now all my clothes coordinate with each other and there are so many possible outfits that I'm still having fun experimenting with how to dress myself even though I'm over 40 because we are never too old to have fun with fashion.

  4. I'm still waiting for my personal profile, and can't wait to get it. Hubby is bugging me about cleaning out the closet, but I'm not doing it till I hear from Leslie on what and what not to wear.


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