Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm back and planning my spring wardrobe!

I've been out of commision for the last couple of days...I've been so SICK! Yuck. But I'm back and finally feeling much better and ready to start planning my spring wardrobe!

Are you ready to loose the heavy coat and embrace warmer weather and pretty spring fashions? I sure am!

Here are a couple of "new" spring fashions that tickle my fancy that I'm considering adding into my spring wardrobe...

I love the mix of styled and fitted on top and fun, full and flirty on the bottom. I would not wear a skirt quite this short...but I like the mix of proprotions here.

70's inspired high-waist flare jeans. Are you ready to start tucking in your shirts again? I'm loving this and thinking I'll give it a whirl! When you wear a flare jean or pant make sure you wear a heeled shoe to get the look right.

Mixing prints. Lately I've been facinated with mixing prints. I'm usually a gal that wears mostly solids (except for an occasional print scarf). So mixing prints like florals with stripes has caught my sense of adventure. 

There are a couple of "rules" that you should follow so you don't look like you dressed in the making sure both items have one color in common and mixing the scales.

Anybody care to join me? Are you ready to try mixing prints this spring too?

What are you looking forward to this spring? You you ready to peel off the layers and lighten up?



  1. Glad you're feeling better. I'm thinking about those flared pants!

  2. Glad you're back!

    I just ordered a pair of wide legged, higher waisted jeans from the Gap. I am focussing on dressing for my body shape, and since I am hourglass, I think that first outfit you posted would be flattering for me. I agree that a longer skirt would be needed - I'm 43 after all!

    I like the mixed prints on other people, but I think since I am very tall I would look like a wall of wallpaper.

    Thank you for the informative post!


  3. I did the '70's the fist time and those pants did nothing for my shortness then. A few pounds heavier, nahhh!
    I like look 1 what do you think of a tulip skirt? Less bulk over the tummy and hips, but a splash of flair near the knees?

  4. I am so ready for warmer weather too! I've been pouring over my sewing patterns, dreaming of the gauzy flowery skirts I want to make. I don't think this shorty will be brave enough to mix them with another print though.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. Glad you're feeling better! Stay well.

  6. I love to layer even in the summer and spring but I'm defiantly looking forward to lighter fabrics and pastel colors that tend to look out of place in the winter :) feel better!

  7. I think the more forgiving wide-legged pants and flare pants are going to be popular this spring after so many seasons of "skinnies". It's a nice change for sure.

    As for petites...they are not the best choice because of the extra volume of fabric. Just sticking with a straight-leg pant will serve you so much better. There are other new spring trends and colors you can jump on! your photos if you do make a gauzy skirt. I'd LOVE to see what you make. I've got one gauzy skirt in my summer's white, long, flowy and oh so cool on a hot summer day (plus you don't worry about how your legs look w/ the extra length) I wear it with my gladiator flats or heels. Good thing to add to your wardrobe this spring/summer.

    @Becky I too am anxious to move towards lighter fabrics and pretty spring colors. I keep trying to wear something more colorful to keep me cheerful on these dreary days! Stay strong we got another month to get through :)

    Thanks all for the well wishes. I have to say I have not been that sick for over twenty years! It totally caught me off guard. I was bed ridden for days....totally yucky! This next week I'll be back in full force! Wishing everyone a healthy month and NO yucky sicknesses, LOL!

  8. I don't think I'll get on the wide-legged trousers bandwagon just yet, if ever. I too wore them in the 70s and am older and heavier now (was just a teen then), so I'm reluctant.

    And as much as I hate the weather we're having now (cold, snowy), I'm not quite ready for spring. I got so many good bargains on late-season sales that I still have alot of winter clothes left to wear!

  9. Glad to hear you're on the mend, Leslie! :)

    Heard you talking about the 'tucking in' shirts on your radioshow...saw it in a Danish store on Friday and dared myself to do it on Saturday - and survived! LOL

    Good to know the flares are back - found some classic wide-legged trousers when I cleaned out my wardrobe last week. Hurray! :D

    Can't wait for the Big Spring Preview...

  10. Would you mind posting a Wardrobe Basics list just for spring/summer? Some of us are such newbies at this...

  11. @Carol...I have not yet done the Wardrobe Basics for this upcoming spring/summer just will be posted in the Personal Profiles about mid-March.

    @Diane, I purchased some Kenneth Cole trouser jeans while shopping in NYC a couple of seasons ago. Can't wait to tuck in a shirt with them this spring and add a chunky heel. I'll get a picture taken and post it when I do. Glad you survived your recent style's amazing how we not only live through them...we flourish!

  12. This spring/summer, I'm going to be transitioning from "career" wear to "casual" wear. I can do the "career" wear thing no problem, but I'm a bit scared of "casual" wear. I don't want to end up in schlopping about in jeans and tee's all the time. I need to find a look that is casual but not careless. And since black has been my wardrobe staple, I'm really wanting to get back into my "spring" colours.

    I like the belted vest and think that this would also look nice with a pair of pants (top and pants same colour). I'll skip the high waisted flare jeans though. I wore them in the 70's but I was much thinner then. I'm game to try more prints, but will stick to one at a time for now.....

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