Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to Wear to Work on Casual Fridays

When you say 'TGIF' are you not sure of what you can wear to work on Fridays? 

Is there such thing as too casual—after all they did say casual…didn’t they? Can you pull off flip-flops or jeans on Casual Fridays? What if the flip-flops are "bejewelled"?  Exactly what is office appropriate on laid-back days?

Here’s how to navigate Casual Fridays. First, consider the opportunity of style choices that a casual work environment allows. You have so many choices to be stylish as well as comfortable at the same time. Subsequently, find out what your office rules are on proper office attire. Be sure to follow the guidelines for your office at all times.

Khaki craze. There’s no doubt that khakis rank number one in classic casual attire! They are always dressier than jeans or other twill pants. Use your imagination and dress them up with a pretty colorful blouse or try a new menswear vest this season. Be creative here!

Show you have good genes. Only consider dark washed dressier jeans if you know jeans are an acceptable form of casual wear. Wear a dressier heel to make the jeans look stylish. Don’t go there without knowing first!

Minis and camis are no, no’s. Never, ever is a camisole, spaghetti straps, mini skirts or cleavage considered workplace friendly. Leave these garments hanging in the closet or consider them for weekend wear only!

NEVER wear this! EVER.

Dress similar to your superiors. If you want to be considered professional, dress like the “higher ups”. Dressing the part helps you climb the corporate ladder.

Neat and clean is always the way to go. Even if your work environment lets you wear jeans and flip-flops…make sure you are neat in clean in appearance. Always iron wrinkles out of clothes and look ready to work and represent your company and yourself in the best light.

Blazers can fix anything. Always have a blazer handy at the office. When you wear a blazer you automatically look more authoritative! Even when you wear a tee-shirt and jeans, a blazer makes any outfit look more polished!

A blazer means "dressed for success" even on Fridays...

Sloppy can equal lazy. Don’t look too comfortable on Casual Fridays or everyone will get the opinion that your weekend has already started! Everyone will “think” you are lazy. 

The appearance that you give everyday at work is part of the perception of YOU! Put your best foot forward with style--even on "casual Fridays"!

Love, Leslie... your cyber stylist


  1. My last company was a very confusing place to work, as casual seemed to be the dress code every day, and then there was "Casual Friday." I really never knew what to wear, and it didn't help that the Division Manager would come to work in clam diggers, Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts and sandals. We all got a shock when the Executive Director of our company came out to our site and made a comment about how "some people are looking very casual here!" Paradoxically, now that I'm no longer working, I pay more attention to what I wear outside the home. Inside, well ... that's another story!

  2. Hi Leslie, great tips for those in the workplace. When I worked in Luxembourg it was extremely formal (no dress-down Fridays) but here in Denmark it's very casual - even the male news presenters don't wear ties or suits. I'm a SAHM now (and actually dress pretty smart most days) - but I always dress UP on Fridays (a skirt or a special blouse) because that's the day I go to my piano teacher! LOL

  3. shorts or ripped jeans tell me "I don't care what your problem is, I'm out of here as soon as possible, and hitting the bar -tgif!"

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