Sunday, July 1, 2012

If you could fill up this shopping bag...

If you could fill up this shopping bag with anything your little 'ol heart desires, what would it be?

You've got one hour to go into your favorite store and stuff this bag full of FREE goodies...
what are you filling up this shopping bag with?

Disclaimer: to those that might think I have magical powers..this is a fantasy question :) 
We can all dream, can't we?


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  2. They sound like a can cram that bag full, are you sure you don't want any clothes for during the day too?

  3. I'd head to Nordstrom and fill my bag with gauzy sleeveless Eileen West nightgowns. They are beautiful and great for those of us with hot flashes and night sweats and perfect for summer nights. If not that, I'd have to fill a bag with accessories. Shoes, purses, watches, bracelets, earrings, name it.

  4. Shoes, shoes, shoes! LOL! Possibly for next winter a nice cashmere full length coat, in either camel (safe) or dark teal (well since this is a fantasy...)

  5. A cropped denim jacket, a black leather biker jacket, a white denim jacket, a navy blue blazer, a pair of NYDJ Trouser jeans, a pair each of NYDJ back and dark blue straight leg jeans, khaki trousers I can wear a 2" heel with, a no iron white button down, a frilly white blouse, a white cashmere cardigan, a turquoise cashmere cardigan, incredibly comfortable black very high heels, metallic flats, black frye boots,brown frye boots, a Balenciaga Arena Bag, a classic Hermes bag, a Lodis black clutch, Yummy tummy black leggings, an army jacket, Wolford hose in every color and the perfect for my skin tone nude pumps. I'm dreaming of restocking basics with a very dear extra or two!

    1. PS. I'm a size 6 ("B" body type)in case you want to make a girl's fantasy come true!!

  6. I would fill my bag with pretty undies that REALLY don'e give me panty lines and wedgies!

  7. I have to think very carefully. I'd go to Dooney & Bourke and buy some nice satchel handbags, in white and tan for summer, and black or brown for fall/winter, and accessories (wallets, key rings, change purses) to match.

  8. Wow Laura, you certainly know what you want! Sounds like you have a list and you are slowly checking off one item at a time. I wish I could make your dreams (and mine come true).

    Edith, I too would like a nice classic satchel handbag. I'm thinking a caramel brown Michael Kors would make me smile!

  9. I would just like to fill it with clothes that fit me well and make me feel good.

  10. I agree with Karen. I have such a hard time finding clothes to fit me. I also have a hard time finding shoes. I wear a Narrow width.


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