Sunday, August 19, 2012

Makeover Your Own Style

Have you let your style lapse? Are you not even sure what's considered 'stylish' anymore? Afraid of style and not confident you'll choose the right clothes for your shape?

Here is an email I got awhile back about a woman that got inspired enough by another woman's makeover story she started to do the same for herself!

You too can makeover your style! Join MSP today and get started...just in time for the new fall season!

Colored denims will be a big fall trend...

Dear Leslie,

Brenda's story reminds me of myself. I'm clueless about fashion and haven't stayed up on style for years. Some of my clothes are so worn out I'm sure others can tell. Seeing Brenda look so good and with a similar shape tells me "yes you can". I'm really encouraged I can do it too.

Thank you for sharing this makeover story and giving me the focus I finally need to do the same! Barbara



  1. Hi, Leslie,

    Am just getting caught up with the last four weeks of style articles and checking out your blog, after Gina's wedding followed by an amazing three week trip to Alaska.

    Love Brenda's photos and account of her shopping/style make-over with you. Brings back fond, fun memories of my make-over. :-)

    Question: At the top of this page (dated 8/19) you are pictured wearing a white jacket with your fall fashion trend purple jeans. I'm thinking you were wearing white since it was still summer. Is it still okay to wear a white jacket, now that Labor Day is past?
    Thanks, Marta

  2. Marta,

    It's nice to hear from you! Wow! You sure have been busy. sounds like all is good and you now have a new SIL. Congrats on Gina's wedding. We have a wedding coming up this year too! Our youngest son just got engaged. Here we go again, LOL! We are very excited about the whole thing.

    Regarding the jacket...the answer is yes. Go ahead and wear white as long as it's still warm outside. I will wear that jacket deep into October and again in early spring. There really are no set "rules" anymore. But it's easier to break the "rules" when you are younger and more fashion-forward, LOL! When the really cold weather comes, winter white is a better choice, hands down...but for now, go for it and don't worry so much about Labor Day. Go by the weather instead.


Thanks for leaving your comment. I hope you enjoy my blog and stop by often!

Love, Leslie

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