Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just say "thanks"!

Do you feel awkward when others compliment you? Do you minimize them or find it difficult to know what to say in response to the compliment you just received?

If so, it's time to practice receiving compliments! When someone compliments you, simply say "Thank you" and smile back. Do not discredit their kindness by saying "This old dress?" or "I usually can't figure out what to wear".

Receive the compliment and take pleasure in it! At first this will be difficult to do, but it becomes easier as you practice it.

I would like to add...that if you get a compliment from someone, it's now your turn to say something nice (and unexpected) to someone else. Watch out! This behavior will bring a smile to your face, help you make friends with everyone and generally make you feel good about yourself!


  1. It's just so easy to do! Every day, we see someone - in fact, probably many "someones" - who have at least one style element really "going on." Why not obey that impetus in our heart that just compels us to say, "Wow! You look fabulous!"? It's actually the natural, even instinctive, response to beauty. We should listen to it...and speak from the heart.

  2. Well said! Thanks for being the on the "team" with me! I'm letting ladies know when they look fabulous :) It does us all some good!


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