Sunday, July 14, 2013

Embracing Your Hair....

It's too thick or too thin, it's too curly or as straight as can be... Yes. It's your hair we are talking about and its not always your 'crowning glory'.

Many of us (me included) are guilty of working against our natural hair. So this sign at my hairdresser really made me think:

 "Life is an endless struggle filled with frustrations and challenges...
but eventually you find a hairstyle you like" 

QUESTION: Have you embraced your hair's natural color and texture? Or do you color and straighten it? How much effort and money are you willing spend on hairstyles and management?


  1. I started to turn gray at age 17, and colored my hair until I was 45. I had it almost every color, including platinum. When I stopped, my hair came in gray with whitish "stripes", but now is almost all light gray. Every 3 days I decide to start coloring it again, but I've left it alone so far (I'm now 50).

  2. That's funny! I just did a scrapbook layout with all my different hairstyles over the years. I think I had like 18 different pictures - straight, curly, long, short, different colors. And I just changed it up again this week. It's like the Holy Grail for me to find the right hairstyle.

  3. Yes it takes time to one day decide that it is part of us and accept that our hair is unique. I go to the hairdresser once every two months only because he is expensive, he cuts depending on the personality of my hair each time, so the style ranges from short at the back, but he leaves some volume to balance my heavy nose. So each time I feel myself but renewed somehow and feel much younger. For 2 months I only have to wash an' dry it, no need to use styling products. The cut is in accord with my hair... In the past when I was in my 20's I had "meches". My sons once asked me lately whether I had meches now (I will be soon 70) I replied they where 100% natural !

  4. I've found a style and length that I like. My hair was straight as a kid and after my senior prom it went curly wavy. Ever since I've just let it go do what it wants. The only time I have it straightened or blow dried with a brush is when my stylist is finished cutting it! I've never managed to successfully dry it with a round brush or straighten with an iron so it looks decent. (Even with practice.) I've stopped fighting it and if all else fails, into a ponytail it goes! I'm a few months off from 31 and I've learned this early. Don't fight your hair!

  5. I love my hair and would never change it. But since pregnancy, it's gotten darker and shorter; I get it highlighted every spring. I have long, straight, fine, blond hair. I can do quite a lot of fun things with it (recently experimented with sock curls and hair chalk), braid it or put it up when it's hot out, leave it down to keep me warm when it's cold, or just be lazy and do nothing. Even though I'm nearly 50, I have no plans to desecrate the hair God blessed me with, other than maybe trying out a purple streak.


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