Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Style Public Announcement You Must READ!

What happened to the days when things were as they appeared? Is it me, or is everything nowadays photo shopped?

The fact is, every photo is "touched up". Not one celebrity allows a photo to be put out without having his/or her "people" approve the photo first. (This means they photo shop every photo you see of them). They become "perfect" people...making you feel you are not one of the beautiful people because you never look like that!

Notice how the space between her thighs is unnaturally high? 
It's fake. A case of bad photo shopping. 
Target got caught and REMOVED this photo!

Of course we all want to see flattering photos, of ourselves and others. With the wrong angle or captured at an awkward moment, we all look bad. But the bigger problem is photo shop is over-used and abused to create unbelievable (read: unattainable) photos. Fantasy has become reality and it's getting hard to tell the difference or worse yet: we don't know the difference anymore!

Here is where Target (yeah, I love Target too) got caught doing some BAD PHOTO SHOPPING! Serves them right for the backlash they got for this bad photo!

My point is, well to point out that what you see is NOT REAL! All photos are retouched to make them "perfect" for the advertiser. 

Women have curves and we need to know we are beautiful and deserve to be seen as we ARE! Stop the photo shop madness! Show us what the swimwear looks like on real women. I'm thinking the media and advertisers might just find real women like to see REAL women...just like them! Whew! Jumping off my soap box now. Thanks for reading.

Love, Leslie

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