Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saved By My Shoes

Yesterday my husband and I attended "Fan Fest" at Panther Stadium in Charlotte North Carolina. 

It was an opportunity for the community to come out and view the football roster for 2014 and enjoy the newly renovated B of A stadium.

We walked around all day long. We walked from our parked car 6 city blocks to the stadium. We walked around the interior of the stadium looking for the pro-store and we took the new escalators up to the "nose bleed" seats, then walked down 3 stories of ramps. What saved my feet from so much walking? It was my shoes. They have a slight heel with padded insoles.

What's the best type of shoe for your feet? According to Elisa Kavanagh, foot doctor for the New York City Rockettes, a heel is best--but make it a low heel. Don't wear high heels or flats 24/7. Both are hard on your feet.

"Flats force all of weight to your heels, which can stress your calves and Achilles tendons, and lead to chronic heel pain and tendinitis. Aim for a 1-2 inch heel (the chunkier the better) for greater weight distribution."

The funny thing is, none of my photos really show you my "life saving shoes"! But yes, my shoes saved me! I walked all day and have a fabulous time...bring on football season!


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