Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out With the Past, and In With New Style!

Early childhood memories of clothes and how you felt in them still play a role in your dressing choices today. You may remember one particular floral dress full of sunny colors that you just loved to wear. In fact, if your mom would have let you, you'd wear it every day! You may remember your favorite black shiny Mary Janes worn with the pretty white lace socks and how they made you feel so important--and girly at the same time.

Did you get any negative clothing messages at a young age? Perhaps you felt you never deserved nice clothes or ones that fit well. Was it because most of your clothes hand-me-downs? Do you feel you don’t deserve to spend money on clothes or yourself? You either bought into this thought or you rebelled against it. Recognizing this issue is a starting point of changing those negative thoughts to new ones. It will help you transform your style into something better.

Let’s examine how we got some of the old “mental tapes” of how we look and feel in our clothes. Think back to when you were young. What are your memories of what you looked like in clothes? Are they good memories or not so positive? Personally, I remember clearly, two things from my early childhood. I was probably in first grade and I recall shopping for “back to school” clothes with my mom. I remember feeling excited to get new clothes! We went to Sears during a big sale. I got new dresses for school, 3 for $10. Each one of them a different style and color and thereby allowing me the chance to show my style each day—it was an amazing feeling! Do you have a similar style memory or one about not feeling comfortable or pleased about what you were wearing?

As a girl, were you told a certain color or style did or did not look good on you? What makes you think this is still true or was right in the first place? Are there certain types of clothes you won’t wear today because of the negative feelings attached to them? Did you wear hand-me-downs most of the time or felt self-conscious because you were overweight? Or, perhaps you always had the latest styles, now you feel you have to always keep up with the latest.

All of these past experiences and old feelings can hold us back from truly expressing ourselves with our clothes. BUT these past experiences can also be helpful...if you let them. You can move forward simply by choosing to do things differently. You are all grown up now...not that little girl that once wondered what it would be like to be a grown up lady in pretty high heels! Show off that sassy style and attitude and earned confidence...I dare YOU!

Take some time this week and examine why you feel the way you do about clothes and shopping. Understanding your past experiences will allow you to change the way see yourself and let you try new styles. Concentrate on you body type and finding styles for you, you will change the “old emotional tapes” and explore new styles.

I think Calvin Klein said it best, “There’s no point in trying to look like a Vogue editorial every month. The way to find your style is to try to develop a look of your own.” Start with your own Personal Profile today and find out what flatters YOU!

If you need style help and want to know more about dressing for your body type...join me and lots of women who now know what it's all about at . You'll find this affordable weekly approach just what you need to get your style re-discovery started! Love, Leslie MSP


  1. Hadn't thought about my clothing 'style' choices in quite this light before. Thanks for the food for thought... I do tend to dress rather plain and simple and I realize it is because I never had choices as well as I don't know what really looks good! I'll check out your website... time to 'grow up' :-)

  2. Hadassah,

    Thinking about your style, where it is today, where you have come from and where you want it to go is a fun journey of self-discovery as a woman!

    I hope you find and wear styles you love and enjoy letting your clothes reflect the fabulous woman you are today!

    Seeing things in a different light sometimes is what we need to make those changes happen!


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