Saturday, April 30, 2011

I made an immediate comparison, did you?

I throughly enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding! The traditions, pomp and circumstance, the unique hats worn by all the ladies in attendance...and finally the revealing of Kate Middleton's beautiful wedding dress! They did such a brillant job of keeping us all in the dark until Kate walked down the isle to marry Prince William!

The first thing I did was make an immediate comparsion to the late Grace Kelly. She was the epitome of 'timeless elegance'. Always poised, graceful and charming no matter what. Kate reminds me of her because she is hounded by the press and photographers constantly...but somehow appears to not let it all get to her.

My first comment after seeing Kate's wedding dress was: 'timeless and classic elegance'...then I thought of Grace Kelly! Today, I see I'm not the only one making a comparison to the late Princess Grace.

What did you think of Kate's wedding dress? Were you suprised or was it a style you expected her to wear?


  1. I though Grace Kelly also. And like you I see a classic elegant future queen in Catherine.

  2. I loved it- but I would have liked just a bit more "sparkle"

  3. I thought she looked lovely. I don't know what I expected her to wear, but I thought she would choose something with a clean silhouette, since she seems to go for clean, classic lines. I really admire her stamina and bearing ... she didn't seem overwhelmed ... just confident and genuinely happy.

  4. Other than lace sleeves, the two dresses are completely different in my humble opinion. I think her bearing is more reminiscent of Grace Kelly than her dress is. She was so elegant and composed throughout. Absolutely worthy of being a future queen.

  5. Catherine will be a fine queen one day...I love the story of a "commoner" falling in love w/ the future king too.

    She has always been a classic styled gal so really it should not be a suprise her wedding dress was that way. I agree w/ Lynnifer she is just so composed and elegant no matter what!

    I wish them a blessed marriage...hopefully it will be so since they got to choose each other!

  6. I immediately thought of Maria Von Trapp's dress in the Sound of Music!

    IMHO, all three are classic beauties with a wonderful sense of style and elegance!

  7. The dress didn't live up to the 'hype.' But then I thought, it was all hype created by us! She is such a simple girl and the dress is so her style. Her dress will always be in style. That grace Kelly dress is still gorgeous.
    I think she made the right call.


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