Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes, you might be too old to wear...

I believe most women have good common sense. However, sometimes even the most wonderful woman can be lead astray by a style she thinks looks good on her (twenty years later). You know that woman I'm talking about. She's over forty still wearing short skirts that she (literally) wore in her twenties!!! It's obvious the short skirt is not a favorable look with her aging legs a lot less taunt than a twenty year old's! Who wants to be the one to tell her that she looks horrible?

The truth is...she's too OLD to wear that style! Yes, in MissusSmartyPants' opinion clothing labels should have an "expiration date" on them so this "too old to wear it" dilemma would no longer occur.

There are plenty of young, hip, trendy styles that can make you appear OLDER. Yes this is very scary, but it is true you need to tread lightly with the trends when you are over forty!

Here are just a few of the "youthful" styles an older woman should totally AVOID:

Message tees. You know the tees that say things like "Your boyfriend thinks I'm HOT!" Wearing a message tee (or ass-vertising sweats) like this...screams desperate!!!

INSTEAD: Choose to wear a great quality cotton tee that you can dress up or down. No silly writing, LOL!

Overly Trendy Denims. You've seen these women before: a rocking-hard body and a face that looks over 60 or more! The overly trendy jeans that are ultra LOW rise, torn and/or embellished with rhinestones just aren't doing this "hot mama" justice!!!

INSTEAD: Choose a dark wash bootcut jean and you'll look fabulous and "on-trend" no matter your body size or shape. This style of jean is the best for helping slim and balance your proportions.

Sky-high heels. Too high or overly theatrical styled shoes can make you look silly--not stylish! With these shoes be sure to include thigh-high boots, and 5 inch cork wedges.

INSTEAD: Stop torturing your feet! It's time to be kind and get real with your shoe styling. As we age we lose that fatty cushioning we had in our youth. Look for shoe styles/brands that are wider, sole cushioned and with thicker shorter heels. TRY BRANDS LIKE: Cole Hann, Aerosoles, Nurture Shoes, etc. PAY more when it comes to your shoes because foot comfort matters so much!

Micro-minis. Tina Turner pushed the limits on this one because she had pretty hot-looking legs! However, keep in mind she was on STAGE!!! ALL etsy-bitsy skirts should be sent directly to Goodwill. End of story.

INSTEAD:  replace short skirts with straight or A-line skirts around the knee. TIP: if you have a slightly shorter skirt (a couple of inches above the knee) you could still wear it if you wear opaque tights at the same time.

Excessive Cleavage.  Some women are well endowed and well some aren't. That's just the way it is. All 'boobage' is womanly (regardless of size) and therefore is beautiful, in my humble opinion.

BUT when it comes to excessive cleavage in public: less is more!

'These are just a few of my un-favorite things'
that can trip up any beautiful woman's style!
Keep it on the classic side and you'll look fabulous every day.

Also avoid rubber bracelets, hand-made hokey jewelry, goth inspired belts and necklaces with spikes, black nail polish, glitter makeup in bright colors....GOSH! I could be here all night listing the SILLY TRENDS a grown woman should avoid.

Good luck, Leslie MSP


  1. Thanks for these guidelines, Leslie! One question: I am 46 and still like ruffles (like around the neck of a peasant blouse...not too much) that too girly for my age, or what's a good guideline for how much of a ruffle at my age? Thanks!

  2. You mean I can't wear my K-Mart "Spooky" t-shirt from Halloween 2007??? Oh, the humanity!!! I'll only wear it around the house or to sleep. But the LiveJournal, LibraryThing and Foamy t-shirts are staying!

  3. Marie,

    Ruffles are not too girly for your age IF you keep them to a minimum. You are right to question this trend because it's most often associated with young girls. However, since it's a trendy look (along with touches of lace) as long as it is not too overwhelming...enjoy your touches of ruffles.

    Serendipity...sometimes our silly tee and sweatshirts need to stay inside as loungwear ONLY! Sorry, but I know you'll keep your style moving forward :)

  4. OK, I won't inflict LT, LJ and Foamy on the populace at large. I'll restrict them to wearing them around the house and to the deli only (with a jacket or a sweater over it, since it's cold now). Thanks for the reality check!

  5. Hello Leslie! I have a question about hose. I am over 50 and so my legs aren't what they used to be- i.e. spider veins. The summer style seems to be to not wear hose at all. This won't work for me. What do I do?
    P.S. I think I'm ok for fall/winter I can wear opaques or black to cover things up. Thanks!

  6. @Sherri, in the summer wear a glow lotion like Jergens to give a slight tan color to your legs. It won't cover up all the immperfections, but having a slight color to them will help.

    BTW, I'm close to your age so I personally understand your plight. For me, when I'm dressing up or really want my legs to look really good and they are going to be exposed, I wear Sally Hansen's "tan glow"'s like airbrushing your legs.

    Hope that helps :)

  7. Leslie,

    1) I refuse to believe that you are close to 50... really?!? You look great!

    2) I sometimes struggle with whether some of your rules apply to me. I'm only 27, but have one child and another on the way and am entering the professional workforce in about a year or so when I graduate from going back to school. I feel like my sister, who is 24, single, and childless, can get away with more trendy things. But at the same time, I wonder what trends are appropriate for me to embrace - taking my type A, somewhat petite, body into account - and which I should leave to the younger, more carefree crowd. :)

  8. Jennifer Lopez still wears the mini.....

  9. Jennifer Lopez is selling something (an image, performance, music, sex appeal). I've heard parents at my school ask "what's she selling?" about an administrator who wears short skirts, and is Jennifer Lopez' age.

  10. Charlene and Stephanie, You both makes some very valid points. For sure celebrities push the envelope a bit more than the average woman can in her daily life. Celebs are "on stage" and even though we often (sometimes, unfortunately) look to them as fashion examples...they often aren't the best examples.

    Jennifer Lopez, while she is very attractive and has worked hard to keep her figure, etc. etc....somethings she is wearing is not appropriate. When on stage her outfits are costumes...not daily clothing any of us would wear.

    The best rule of thumb is as you get older continue to show off your feminine SHAPE in beautiful clothes, well fitting, but cover your aging skin.

  11. Thank you for being honest. I am 62 next month. I love the Tees with messages. Mostly for home but I have on honoring the USS Missouri that I will occasionally wear. I am new to you site and have learned much already. Are long (at least mid-calf) still acceptable for the over 60 set. I use the extensively as I have restless legs and the cloth does not rub against my legs. What is the word on this?

  12. Leslie, I think almost anyone over 40, unless buff or toned, should avoid wearing clingy knits. The gravitational pull of years results in cottage cheese thighs, heavy arms, and usually rolls of excess love handle stacks which are MAGNIFIED by the clingy stuff.


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