Monday, December 19, 2011

Bloggers come in all sizes

Personally, I've never been to a "Bloggers Night Out" but I'd like to go...especially after seeing this mix of beauties in all shapes and sizes at this gathering.

What's so great is: these are REAL women and they love fashion. They are all dressed so unique and each look fabulous in their own way! Take a peek and you're bound to see a woman your shape, size or height...

LINK to D.C Bloggers Night Out:

What do you think of this stylish group including Vivi from Heart, Print, Nice mix of stylish woman, huh? I agree.

I'm hoping to be invited to a blogger party one day (hint, hint). Gosh, I just got my "invitation to I didn't really want to join...BUT when they said I needed an invitation, well then I wanted to just because they said I couldn't belong right away, does that make sense?


  1. Your last sentence reminds me of that comment Groucho Marx used to say: "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member." When we hear something is exclusive, we want it right away! It's the same reason employers like to hire people who already have a job - they're taking somebody away from someone else.

    But Bloggers Night Out looks like a great opportunity to get out and meet other bloggers. I hope you do get invited to one of these! I'd love to see your pictures. You might even score some swag!

  2. Serendipity,

    You are 'spot on'! I loved Groucho Marx and his funny sayings... and it is so true, when you make it 'exclusive' that's when you REALLY want it, LOL!

    If I do go to a bloggers meet-up or whatever, I'll be sure to post the photos!

  3. Hey! This is Vivi. Thank you for mentioning me. I truly appreciate it. In regards to the events I attend, I can only thank the bloggers group I am a part of here in the DC area: CapFABB (Captial Fashion and Beauty Bloggers). Due to the group, I have been fortunate enough to attend wonderful events. Including Bloggers Night Out which reached out to CapFABBers to attend. All I can suggest is to find a local fashion bloggers group in your area and join OR even start one! It has truly opened a lot of doors for me and it has helped me realized that I am not alone in my love for fashion and style.

  4. Vivi,

    Thanks for sharing about your fashion blog group! I might have to start one myself here in Charlotte!

    You look fabulous! Love your style girl!


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