Monday, December 5, 2011

Sensitive to Hair Dye?

Here are a couple more hair tips (to wrap up "Hair Week" at

If you are sensitive to hair are a couple of tips to use when dyeing your hair or having it professionally done. These tips by the way were shared awhile back from my own personal Aveda hairdresser on my Blog Talk Radio show (the link was shared on my facebook page)

1. Add Sweet n' Low (5 packets). I know this sounds crazy, but my haircolorist insists there is something that makes the hair dye less harsh, yet just as effective.

2. Use Aveda's calming oil (available at on all of scalp and hair line prior to applying any color.

3. Get "double foiling" done. This process does not touch your skin...but yes, it's expensive to have done. However, the look is fabulous!

Your hair is your "crowning glory". So pamper yourself by finding a hairstyle that flatters you and adding color or highlights if needed.

Love, Leslie MSP

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