Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's MissusSmartyPants Really About?

What's MissusSmartyPants.com really all about? It's about women. Women like you who simply want to dress better and feel good about themselves.

MissusSmartyPants is real style advice you can use. It's an easy-to-use style program that helps you find your best styles based on body's shape and take you through each season in an age appropriate way, teaching you how to touch on the trends and look current and up-to-date. It's what every woman wants personally for herself.

Is MSP for you? Yes! No matter your age, shape, size, height...you deserve to look and more importantly, feel your best! To personally help as many women as I can is my mission, no it's more than just a mission ...it's my passion to help each you get there...one baby step at a time.

Are you ready to become all that you can truly be? 

It's working for so many women. Why not you? Why not today? Right now is the best time to "jump right in right where you are" and begin.  Join MissusSmartyPants with a Personal Profile style membership for your body type.

Here's proof dressing well improves your life in so many ways:

Leslie, I have been following your dressing advice for several years now and I thought you would like to know that this 61 year old grandmother received the best compliment this past Sunday at church.  One of the ladies at church said hello to me, asked me how I was doing and then said, "Bonnie, you look like a young girl!"  I was wearing a black pencil skirt (just below the knee - I'm a "C"), black flats, a black short sleeve tee with a long tan 3/4 sleeve sweater.  I am a Spring and well aware that black near my face is not the most flattering for me so I wore a teal statement necklace and medium gold/teal hoops. The teal, gold & tan complimented my Spring complexion and kept the black tee from causing me to pale out.  My makeup was still in the Spring color range.
Since I started dressing the Missussmartypants way, people are surprised to know that I really weigh 170 lbs.  One lady even commented that she thought I was in the 130-ish lb. range. My 29 year old daughter recently said to me, "I didn't think the time would ever come that I would be interested in my mother's clothes".  She even recently borrowed that black pencil skirt of mine to wear to a wedding!  I receive compliments often on my complexion, when it's really the color of the makeup and clothes that are so flattering.  Thank you for helping me age gracefully! 
Bonnie in Ky

Here's to finding your own kind of beauty! 

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