Monday, December 8, 2014

MSP Gift Certificate Special

Holiday Special! For a limited time only...


Buy any 12 month membership and get 1/2 off  a $29.95 gift certificate!
By purchasing one of the "Bundle and Save" packages you will get a $29.95 gift certificate* for 1/2 price!!!


* The $29.95 gift certificate can be redeemed for anything the recipient chooses (or use it later for yourself).


For example: Purchase together a 12 month membership (become a new member or extend your current membership) and a 12 month gift certificate at the same time and upon check-out you pay only 1/2 price for the gift certificate! That's a gift value of $29.95 for only $14.98! 
Simply choose one of these "Bundle and Save" options.

A MSP Gift Certificate is the perfect clutter-free gift for any recipient. Whether the recipient is a full fledged "fashionista" or just curious about learning style basics; there's plenty of useful style advice she will enjoy! From closet organization to putting together a basic wardrobe, what to wear and when; all style information is based on one's own body type which makes this a fun gift as well as a valuable resource!

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