Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to Liven Up Your Basic Black

Do you wear black more often than any other color? It's the "easy button" in style, isn't it? 
Here basic black is livened up with color and texture....

Automatically grabbing something black first thing in the morning doesn't require much thought--and before a cup of coffee who wants to think? The problem is after awhile your style lacks creativity--and well, looks BORING! Soon you begin to look like you'll be attending a funeral on a daily basis. If this is starting to sound like you, you need to lighten up and liven up all that black in your wardrobe!

Don't purge all the black--work with it! With these tough economic times, I don't know a woman that is willing (or should) chuck all her black clothes from her closet!

So, here's how to liven up all the basic black in your closet...

1. Wrap an animal print scarf around your neck or wear an animal print belt. Even a sweater in an animal print will work! Nothing brings black and brown together better than an animal print!

2. Add a chunky mixed metal and pearl necklace to your basic black outfit. The sparkle and shine of a cute necklace will brighten up basic black.

3. Now's the time to wear those pink shoes that you don't thing go with anything!

4. Wear a different color/texture of tights. Try gray tights---they will lighten up your black and they are the "hot" new color for fall!

5. That bright red handbag that hardly gets used? All black would give it center stage!

6. Wear your favorite colorful sweater or blouse under your basic black suit.

7. LBD w/ low neckline?...wear a colorful choker or layered dyed pearls and show off your sassy neckline.

8. Don't shy away from mixing black with other neutral pieces like navy shoes or a brown belt.

9. Have something you don't think "matches" anything? C'mon wear it with your basic black. Soft pastels, grays, mauves, blush pinks...all look great w/ black!

Polka dots, checks and stripes (as long as they are different scales) can be mixed and matched with black!

10. Wear your basic black with a textured jacket, tweed pants or a nubby scarf. Black is the perfect backdrop to any unique textured item.

Don't ditch all your black! Black is a "fab" wardrobe choice because it's classic, goes with just about everything (given the chance) and it doesn't show small smudges--plus you can wear the same piece differently in one week (no one will even notice)!

The black in the skirt's print, the tank and boots all are "livened up" with
the use of the light denim jacket...

Black basic pieces do stretch your wardrobe dollars--it's up to you to get creative with your style!

Love, Leslie


  1. Where is that red bag from? I love it!

  2. You've done it again and saved my bacon. I'm packing for a trip and was ready to put too much effort into different outfits when a couple sets of basics and some great assessories solve the whole issue.


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