Friday, October 8, 2010

Eleven Ways to Boost Your Body Image

I'm pretty good looking, aren't I?

Beauty is more than skin really is. It's about having the confidence that you are pretty inside and out just the way you are. However, a bit of self-grooming does wonders to how a woman feels!

Here are eleven ways to boost your self-image...

1. Preen, primp and groom. Take care of any neglected grooming. Pamper with any or all of the following: mani, pedi, bikini wax, underarm shaving and eye brow shaping. A touch of self-care and you’ll feel pretty instantly.

2. Wear pretty under-things. Sure, no one else sees your lingerie beneath your clothes, but you’ll feel prettier knowing you are wearing them. Nude colored undergarments (how about lacey ones?) are great investments because they don't show through—you’ll surly get your money’s worth.

3. Shop for shoes. Nothing orthopedic looking. Go for style—but don’t skimp on comfort. Sassy flats with embellishments will make everything you wear look fabulous! Maybe you can hot-glue some glizty gems onto flats you already own?

4. Make it up. Put on a little makeup and you’ll positively glow! A touch of lip gloss and mascara on curled lashes--it doesn't take much to feel and look so pretty!

5. Treat yourself to a massage or a long walk. De-stress by getting a massage or going on a long walk. Yes, you’re busy but take time out for you—because you are worth it.

6. Sign up for a 5k walk/run with a friend. It’s hard to not feel more confident when you are training and thinking about making it across a finish line—bring a friend and you’ll motivate each other.

7. Focus on what your body does for you. If you are a mother, you know the amazing things your body is capable of creating—your beautiful children! Treat your body with the respect it deserves and it will treat you well too.

8. Embrace your womanly curves—because they are beautiful. You were created as a unique person. Embrace your curves, ladies! Wear flattering clothes that are not too big or too tight and you’ll always look your best.

9. Strike a pose. Perhaps a yoga pose. Try out a yoga class and see what happens. Research suggests women who do yoga have a healthier attitude towards their bodies because yoga discourages self-judgment.

10. Accept compliments with a smile. Others see your beauty—so simply thank them. Soon you’ll see your beauty too.

11. Stop, look and appreciate. Stop and take a look at your reflection---yes really look. Don’t zero in on your trouble zones—instead smile at the good parts. Remember: it’s okay to be proud of your body just the way it is.

You are beautiful and deserve to love yourself just the way you are!
Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants


  1. At a time when I was feeling awkward & fleshy, after having had my babies & nothing I owned fit me either yet or any more, I did derive a lot of delight & wonder from contemplating what my body had accomplished...growing & then nourishing my babies! It just filled me with total awe!

  2. I'm glad to say that I'm already following most of your tips - thanks for the inspiration!

    One of the new things I've been doing recently is wearing 'strange' (at least, for me) colours of nail varnish when I'm going out to a party: blue, green, etc. Have had lots of nice compliments and makes me feel very 'womanly'! LOL


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