Thursday, September 8, 2011

Always be on the lookout!

I'm always on the lookout for a good deal and ways to keep my wardrobe continually evolving. This week my looking in all sorts of places paid off! Trust me if you have an open mind, you never know where you'll run across something fantastic!

The beginning of fall is the best time to edit and plan your wardrobe + make some purchases of items you'll soon be wearing! I found a fabulous new pair of jeans!!!

Here I'm posing with a statue of Jack Daniels...

I just got back from a trip to Tennessee and Kentucky visiting family. Though I don't have a tractor or a horse, while buying dog food (for my son's dog) at Tractor Supply I did find the best JEANS there! Yes, you read that right, I found fabulous jeans at Tractor Supply, LOL!

I purchased a pair of Wrangler riding jeans (for those that ride horses) in a 34" inseam (they had 36" length, but they were too long)! How wonderful to find fabulous jeans in longer lengths available--right there on the shelf. These jeans have a "no-gap" waist band and nice stretch (for when you are riding a horse) or just walking around town.

Here is a link to check them out for yourself Wrangler Ultimate Riding Jeans. With tax they cost me only $38.00 (they were on sale at the time)

Here is the exact name of the jean so you can search online for your pair: Wrangler Women's Q-Baby Mid Rise Cowgirl Cut Ultimate Riding Jeans

QUESTION: Are you preparing your wardrobe now for fall? Even if the weather is still warm for the next month, are you putting away the summery straw tote and starting to wear richer fall colors? How do you start dressing when the weather is in-between seasons?


  1. Well, I like to layer thin shirts with short sleeved jackets or 3/4 length sleeve cardigans. As the weather gets cooler, I will start using longer length sleeves and thicker jackets and cardis. My capris gradually give way to lightweight khakis, then heavier weight trousers and jeans. I save the wool for winter!

  2. Sounds like you got your layering down to a "science" (sorry I couldn't help myself!)

    I like your longer layers under short-sleeved jackets. I think it looks quite stylish to do so!

  3. It's getting cooler in NYC, and it's time to put away the shorts, tanks and sundresses. I've been wearing khakis lately, with t-shirts.

    Next time I get money, I'll be sending all my summer clothes to the laundry, and I'll take all my fall/winter clothes out of storage and get them washed, too. Then I'll be ready to transition from summer to fall. Not really looking forward to it ... I love the new styles in fall, but I don't like the colder weather.


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