Monday, September 19, 2011

Transition Dressing--from summer into fall

Here it is again! That time of year when we go from summer into fall. Undoubtedly we will  experience a crazy mix of weather before the weather actually changes for good! Trying to dress during this unpredictable time creates many dressing dilemmas for us because it's hot one day and cool and breezy the next. Or we start off the day with a cool morning and have to survive a super-hot afternoon! Crazy. So what's a SYSter to wear with such crazy fluctuating weather?

 Finally cooler temps in my neck of the woods have allowed me to change up my wardrobe...
from tank tops and shorts to something more fall-like! Yipee!

Below, I'm wearing richer fall colors now (instead of summery-brights). 
I'm also wearing skinny jeans instead of shorts... I love it!!!

To highlight the warm golden brown in my animal-print shoes,  I'm wearing an amber necklace and bracelet...repeating a color in your outfit makes it "work".

With September here, HOW do we get our summer wardrobes to transition into fall? Certainly you are not yet ready to wear a thick fall jacket or fuzzy sweater! You'll find many of your summer items can still be worn into fall; however you'll want to start changing towards a warmer palette.

You'll also transition your wardrobe from summer into fall by wearing light layers. You want to be able to put on or take off an item as the weather fluctuates. Of course you'll want your layers to look stylish-not something messy or unkempt looking!

There are some summer pieces you should STOP wearing...
Get ready to pack away gauzy summer dresses, white shorts, white sandals and straw bags. There is no hard "rule" with this however; I do recommend you do this within the next couple of weeks.

Even your accessories need to change this time of year. Put away the straw handbag or beach tote and start using a richer fall colored bag instead (anything in a fall fabric or rich warm leather).

Incorporate the new fall colors to replace your summery bright prints. Purchase layering tees and short-sleeved cardigans in rich fall hues, like purple, heather gray, mustard yellow and peacock blue. This will help you look stylish in the in-between months before the weather changes.

Start wearing the rich fall colors NOW!
Even my dog was excited about the cooler fall weather and wanted to get in on the action, LOL!

Pack away summer stuff now! Store in the back of your closet any summery items you won't be wearing until next spring-so they will be out of your way. If you have an extra closet (not many of us do) in another room you can move your summery clothes there. I like to use inexpensive under-the-bed plastic boxes to store my out-of-season clothes and accessories (reminder: make sure everything is washed prior to packing away so stains won't set in). Removing the out-of-season clothes gives you more room to plan and arrange your transitional summer to fall wardrobe in your closet.

No need to start completely over with a new fall wardrobe!  Instead, start to bridge your style between summer and fall with clothes already in your closet. Many of your summer clothes will work at the start of fall and this makes it easier on your wallet. It also gives you time to plan and save for the new styles you do want to add to your fall wardrobe when the weather does finally cool down.

I've got you covered! With these style postings at The Big Fall Preview, From Summer into Fall and this week's upcoming style can't help but have a fabulously stylish fall season!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants


  1. Thanks, Leslie! I just happened upon this as I'm in the midst of transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall. Now I know what to put away and what to keep out for a little while longer! Such handy information you always present to us!

  2. I'm happy to hear this article was perfectly timed for you! Right now is the best time to get working on your fall closet.

    You don't need to buy much right now if you creatively extend some of your summer basics (that are in darker colors). Taking this time to transition your wardrobe will also get you really excited about what new things you DO want for fall.

    I'm thinking I want a pair of short booties to wear with skirts and skinnys...If I do get some I'll post a couple of photos :)


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