Friday, March 2, 2012

Doing more than just "pinning" on Pinterest!

The latest social network buzz site is called Pinterest. It's a website where you 'pin' or place interesting things onto 'boards' for yourself and to share with others. It's a way to store/share information.

You can 'pin' interesting stuff about cooking, healthy living tips, fitness, style and fashion, makeup, cool kids stuff, spiritual and religious postings, pretty gardens and well anything you can possibly think about is there.

The BIG negative about Pinterest is it can SUCK UP A HUGE AMOUNT OF YOUR TIME! What happens is you spend time 'pinning' really cool stuff and in the end, you've just spent 3 hours doing basically nothing but sitting at the computer!!!

However, Pinterest is a source of really cool information! You can learn make your own laundry detergent, sugar face scrub or how to get yellow pit stains off your white shirt...and more. 

I've made several recipes (all delicious, by the way) tried out a couple of home decorating tips and I've also made this DIY necklace...

 All you do is take a long pearl (or beaded) necklace and fold it in half...loop ribbons on each side and tie it at the back. Then, add a colorful brooch and you're all set!

This style of DIY necklace has been inspired by ones you see in stores like Talbots and Ann Taylor...

So, join Pinterest, but don't say you haven't been warned about the time sucking. The key is to have fun, don't let it take up too much of your time (set a timer then get off the computer, LOL!) then actually make some of the things!!! 

Check out my boards on Pinterest and follow me if you like (and I'll probably follow you back).

Love, Leslie


  1. I love your Pinterest boards! And I'm following Leann's, too!

    I tend to go to fashion websites (The Budget Fashionista, Plus Model Magazine, Lauren Conrad, etc.) and Google Images to find photos to pin. I'm not much of a DIY person, so I don't get into making projects. What gets me is that not all websites allow pinning, so sometimes I try to pin something I like, but the website won't allow it.

  2. love it. i like so much your blog!

  3. Serendipity, it is nice share what you've found on the internet by pinning it on Pinterest...of course, you must make sure it's a good pin (it works and goes to the page you want)...I too have been frustrated that not everything goes to my boards...grrrr!

    Thanks Clara! I'm trying to share more of my daily 'what I wore' photos on my blog...stay tuned!

  4. I do love the necklace you made, but even more importantly, I love the blouse and skirt you are wearing! Where did you get them?!

  5. IIqool,

    This blouse is something I've had in my closet for YEARS!!! It's just one of those basic items you just can't ever purge. I purchased it from a store called Belks (in Charlotte NC).

    The gray pleated skirt...believe it or not, I just purchased it last season at my local Goodwill! Only $3.49 and it's been a "ON-TREND" deal to have and wear! I love that skirt!!!


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