Friday, February 24, 2012

Do you know what colors are your best?

There are two different kind of colors...ones that look great on you and those that don't!

Do you know which colors are your best and why?

A good color is a color you wear that makes your face light up and simply glow. It's a feel good color (kind of a color vitamin, if you will). A bad color is one you like, but try as you may you just don't look or feel quite right when you are wearing it. You might even be asked if you are feeling ill.

A BIG part of style is knowing which colors are your best--and then wearing them! Knowing your "Seasonal Colors" will improve your style because it will allow you to PLAN a cohesive wardrobe (which will save you money). You might even find in your seasonal color palette a NEW color you didn't know would look good on you! Perhaps it will become a new favorite of yours this spring!

These two women are from different 'color seasons' and therefore what looks fabulous on one, 
would not work for the other...

Need help deciding your best wardrobe colors???
I offer a Seasonal Color Analysis  to help you always wear your most flattering colors!

Love, Leslie

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