Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Exactly Are IN the Products We Use?

For years I've used Oil of Olay and Cetaphil for washing and moisturizing my face every morning and night. My skin looks pretty good, but it could look better (I think). 

So, I was reading this post from a Gluten-free blogger (did you know I've been gluten-free since May?) and she was questioning the ingredients of her facial cleanser (Cetaphil) regarding whether or not it contains gluten...and by the way: WHAT ARE ALL THESE INGREDIENTS IN THE PRODUCTS WE USE ANYWAYS??? ARE THEY ALL NECESSARY?

Are these ingredients in the products we use on our bodies on a daily basis naturally derived or have we all become one big science experiment?

Check out Gluten Hates Me and the auto-fill response she got back from Cetaphil regarding their facial cleanser. It is shocking that companies takes this attitude. I thought this product was A1 because they have the backing of "dermotologists" and this sounded good to me! Link to Gluten Hates Me blog posting on Cetaphil 

Are you worried that as consumers we are being exposed to a wide variety of chemicals? (I am)...Or do you feel this is all hype and it really doesn't matter? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I switched to all natural cleansers, cosmetics, washes and hair products about six months ago after reading the book No More Dirty Looks. Once you read that you'll never go back to using products that are destroying our bodies again!

  2. I have been stressing this week over chemicals in shampoo and moisturizer and LEAD in LIPSTICK.
    If you want to be really aggravated and maybe a bit frightened about it, do some research!
    We ARE the industry's bread and butter AS WELL AS their guinea pigs--sad thing is that the FDA does NOT protect consumers from the $$$ mindset of the large companies.

    I am glad to hear you talking about this now!

  3. I went with natural products two years ago and have never looked back. I think it's important what we put on our skin.

  4. Laura, thank you for sharing the name of the book that changed your thinking! I'll look for it at Amazon for my Kindle.

    I so agree w/ you Kara and April...what we put ON our bodies matters just as much as what we put IN our bodies!

    After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease I've changed the way I'm eating. I was eating fairly healthy, however now I'm following a strict 'anti-inflammatory' diet and feel so much better! Amazing how we are being POISONED by our food supply and all the chemicals in laundry detergents, makeup and facial cleansers we use everyday!

    We have to stop this madness for our own personal health and that of our families!

  5. I use as many natural products as possible. I wash my face with clear water and a washcloth then moisturize with coconut oil. I use baking soda for my toothpaste. I make my own bath soap, deodorant, and laundry detergent. I've yet to find a good recipe for homemade shampoo. So, I use a natural shampoo most of the time but have to use a clarifying shampoo a couple times of week. I use a natural lipstick but can't find a natural mascara I like.

    I'm not sure if we should have a real fear of using these products or if a lot of it is exaggeration. I have a feeling it's a little of both. So I think the less I use of them, the better. Thanks for opening up the topic!

    1. Speaking as a dentist, must tell you that baking soda is VERY abrasive. As you wear away the enamel, your teeth will become more sensitive and prone to decay and fracture. Try a natural toothpaste like Toms instead.

    2. Thanks for telling me this. My dentist told me it's very good for my teeth.

  6. I tend to just get overwhelmed by it all and end up feeling lost as to what I should do and what I should not do.
    Please keep up the good work Leslie. This is important and any help you can give us is much appreciated.
    Also, thank you Laura. I am going to look into that book, too.

  7. I've been cleansing my face, body and hair ala Liz Wolfes recommendations at The Cavegirl Eats blog. My daughter commented on how good my skin was looking after about two weeks of using the oil cleansing method.

    For cosmetics I use Everyday Minerals (like Bare Esscentuals, but less expensive with a Burt's Bees product on my lips.

  8. I no longer wear foundation and my face looks much better for it. I use Organic Wear mascara which you can get at drugstores or online. I was surprised to hear about the lead in lipstick issue, but there is also animal fat and petroleum in them as well. Unless you buy ones that specifically don't have that in them. Arbonne is one of them. I just found a recipe for homemade lip gloss that i'm going to make. At my age, 59, I really do need lip color.
    I have begun using a Clairsonic and am amazed at the change in the quality of my skin. If you can't afford that, buy a Buf Puf. L'Occitane makes a good skin care line. You have to dig around but you can find good products out there. The Cosmetics Safety Data Base has great information in it.

  9. I consult The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database on a regular basis: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

    It is eye opening!!!

  10. There is a website which lists all cosmetics and rates them according to their toxicity. You can go check out your brand at http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/.

  11. I'm also trying to avoid sulfates on my body. They are in put into everything!!! Yuck.

    I just found an Aveeno shampoo that is sulfate-free! It was $6.99 but I do love it!

    Now to find a body wash that does NOT have sulfates! Could not find a body wash w/out sulfates listed at Target (I'll have to check a health food store). I ended up purchasing a perfume-free SOAP instead!

    WHY do they put so many harmful preservatives in things we use on our bodies???

    1. Leslie, check out Watkins Aloe & Green Tea Body Wash at http://www.watkinsonline.com/productdetail.cfm?Product=20471&gCatalogLocale=CAN&ECredit=375794

      This is what I use and I absolutely LOVE it!! It's 99.69% natural. If you click on the product information at the bottom, you'll see all the ingredients and what this body wash is "free" of! It's a wonderful body wash!!

    2. Oooo Martha! Thank you so much! This might be the body wash for ME!

  12. I have decided to eliminate cosmetics altogether. The only thing I wear is some peppermint beeswax lip balm from Watkins. Sure, I may LOOK better with all kinds of stuff on my face, but I am now so comfortable with the free and clean feeling of NOTHING that I won't go back. I've also switched over to most Watkins products because they're rated 95% natural or higher by the Natural Product Association. (Even ended up opening an account with them to get a 25% discount. That works for me! :) I figure that because we're so exposed to all kinds of toxins everywhere, why not eliminate the ones we are in control of? I can still be beautiful without all that other stuff seeping into my pores. You're welcome to look at the ingredient lists on the products I use at www.watkinsonline.com/mjweinhardt. I especially LOVE the body cleanser! I find myself reading labels all the time now because there are often hidden ingredients that we would never think of. Thanks for this article!

  13. That is part of why I switched to Melaleuca. www.saferforyourhome.com My kids are healthier, my home is healthier and I wouldn't want it any other way.
    I only just realized that a form of formaldehyde is in nearly EVERYTHING we use. Cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, detergents, skin care (even baby wash and lotion)...it's everywhere, small wonder we went from 1 in 4000 having cancer to 1 in 2 people. There is a manufacturer for laundry detergent that if they have a "spill" in the factory during production standard procedure is to evacuate and a select few will go in wearing protective gear to clean up.
    I switched a year ago and we've never been healthier, no more eczema or allergies and I had no idea that what Wal-Mart and the big companies was selling me was slowly killing me, my children and my pets.
    Nicki @ farmboymom@yahoo.com

  14. You can look up the ingredients of all your skin care products and many other products in Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database.


    After looking up the products I use in the database my family and I use, I tossed most in the trash and started over. I use Crystal rock deodorant and once I got used to it, I love it. It is a salt rock solid that you wet to use (or use after a shower when you are still wet.)

    I try to avoid the products with Nano-particles because they go into your brain through your blood stream and who knows what that would do!

    The companies hide mysterious ingredients by listing "fragrance" so it is good to avoid those products if you are sensitive.

    Do yourself a favor and check out some of your favorite products in the Skin Deep database and THEN decide if they are right for you.

    1. Thanks als319. That information you shared will be so helpful! I'll check my products that I still have.

      So many others as well as you & me are VERY concerned about what is being put IN and ON our bodies (as well as the cleaning chemicals we use). We are being told (and sold) what is "good" for us! Truth is they are just making MONEY on us at our expense!

  15. yes, I have stopped using all 'beauty products' and only use natural alternatives like natural oil, ACV, and eating only organic non GM whole foods which I fix myself ... we can look a lot better by taking good care of our nutrition, etc. Glad to see I have plenty of company and so many agree ;)

  16. sigh....what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger....

  17. I am reading the book "The Truth about Beauty" by Kat James. The book deals with the issues about substances in our cosmetics and also our food. I highly recommend the book - the resources section in the back of the book has information about pure and harmless foods and cosmetics.


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