Sunday, February 12, 2012

Her Fashions as Big as Her Voice...

Whitney Houston whose glittering fashion statements were as big as her voice, has died at the age of 48.
This news of her passing is shocking and quite sad. She had such a beautiful gift of song. The voice of an angel. If you were on American Idol you were advised not to even attempt to sing a 'Whitney Houston' song...because you won't even come close and you will just embarrass yourself. She had a special place in music history.

If only she could have pulled together her private life...because she almost had it all (just like the song she use to sing).

Whitney Houston was also at center stage when it came to 80's fashions. She was a "Fashion Diva" for her time. She was someone whose glitzy styles I admired back then. She was gorgeous and every woman wanted to look as stylish as her!

Peace be with you Whitney. You will be missed by so many. Hopefully you are in a better place now.

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