Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! 
Time to introduce some fresh style into your current wardrobe!

There could not be a better time to put together a good basic wardrobe for spring! With a Body Type membership from MSP you will have all the tools you need to look smashing this season!

When you join MissusSmartyPants today you will get:

1. Finding the Right Shorts and Capris
2. Spring Capsule Dressing
3. Anti-Aging Style Secrets
4. The Big Spring Preview

Here is what a MSP SYSter is saying about the latest style post: "Finding the Right Shorts and Capris".

This is your best ever article on capris and shorts! It explains everything. Recently I finally "got it" about body proportions and dressing in 1/3's. Last year I had shortened my walking shorts about 2" which I could see made a huge difference. Now I know why: The t-top worn out is 2/3's and the shorts are 1/3. At my age and level of modesty I was surprised to see, even last year, that I liked the shorter shorts better.

 Love, Carole

Here is what a MSP SYSter is saying about a recent style post: "Spring Capsule Dressing".

DEAR MissusSmartyPants,
A friend of mine mentioned your website to me awhile ago. About six weeks ago, I subscribed, picking up some information here and there.  This last weekend, I flew to Florida to visit my friend who is also a SYSter. 

She and I spent Saturday out shopping.  Using your principles, I have an entire new wardrobe for about $250 thanks to coupons and sales.  My husband, who infrequently comments on my clothes, today said to me, "Wow, you look unbelievably good!"  We've been married for 11 years and I'm not sure he's ever said that to me.  Talk about quite a morale booster for any woman to hear!

Your SYSter, Karen

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