Sunday, April 1, 2012

Check out my NEW shoes! I love 'em!

Well, I've been shopping again. I know I should slow down and stick with my shopping plan instead...

But, sometimes a girl has just got to do a little impulse buying!!!

How could I resist? At my local mall there's this big kiosk that sells every style and color of Crocs. It's like a rainbow of crocs and it's so hard to choose. But after looking over the huge variety for sale... I picked PINK ones!

Here is a picture of my new shoes...
Cute, huh? 
Plastic, boxy and will look wonderful with a pencil skirt!



  1. LOL!! I was thinking...huhhh???!!Got me!

  2. You got me! I was thinking, "after ALL MSP has said about wearing Crocs unless you're gardening?" LOL


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