Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Ways to Get Your Style Fired Up Again

10 ways to get your style fired up again:

1. Catch a flick. Movies are very influential on the fashion world. Costumes are used to set the mood, personalities, and time period. Take a moment and think of movies past and present. For example, ‘Flash Dance’ suddenly every teen girl wore tunics and leg warmers; ‘Annie Hall’ started the trend of dressing like Diane Keaton. Or ‘Legally Blonde’, a Tiffany heart necklace became the norm for every girl’s wish list.

2. Lace up your sneeks. Go to your mall and lock your wallet in the trunk!  Go window shopping (not spending) and check out the storefronts. Observe the latest styles and trends and make note of the ones you love.

3. Become a couch potato. Watch TV just to see what the characters are wearing. Check out what “older” women wear…like the women on CSI, Oprah, The View, and Kelly Ripa. Find same-shaped celebs and copy their style!

4. People who need people. People watch. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite things to do! Go to the mall, a park or cafe and watch people--and more importantly what they are wearing. Critique what they are wearing and if you think it’s working…let them inspire you.

5. Sign on the dotted Sign up for emails from your favorite stores. Even if you can’t afford to always buy from them…let them inspire you with new styles each season.

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6. Go ask Alice. Or, any other trusted friend, sister or those whose style you admire. There is nothing like getting inspiration for your style from a real person.

7. Gloss over the mags. Take a look at the magazines. I’m not talking teen magazines. It can be any magazine from Redbook to Woman’s Wear Daily. A variety of magazines will show women of all ages. Look at what they are wearing.

8. Talk with your teen. No, don’t have THE talk!  Ask them for fashion ideas, silly! They may not quite get where you are coming from—heck we don’t get where they are coming from either! It’s worth a try--they are walking billboards for all the latest styles and trends!

9. Stamp your passport. Travel! Different cultures can inspire your style. See what is popular in another country. I remember going to Paris, France as a teen. The classy styles the women were wearing became “fashionable” years later here in the States!

 10. Don’t be a victim. Know when to pass on a style or trend. It is more important to dress age appropriate…don’t dress like your daughter or grandmother either! You need to be comfortable in your own skin.

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  1. I have been watching my soap opera for styles & hair-do's. One star has my height & shape and the other has my coloring.


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