Tuesday, February 5, 2013

White Under White is a Fashion Don't

Just a little reminder...under white tops (and light colored ones too) a WHITE BRA is a fashion DON'T.

A NUDE bra (close to your skin color) always works under white and light-colored fabrics!

Here's a photo of what NOT to do :)

This fashion don't was posted in the MissusSmartyPants Style Forum here...

There are lots of great posts on this 'white under white' issue...however there's another great tip posted regarding white pants and pocket show-through here.

RareGemma says: One of my sewing magazines showed me how to solve "visible pocket" issue with white pants. That's where you can see the pockets through the pants in the front. You just get some nude fabric, trace out the pocket, cut the single piece of the nude fabric, turn the garment insideout and and sew it onto the pocket (on the side that faces the front) The nude fabric masks the white fabric of the pocket!

That's pretty cool idea for those that still want to keep their pockets...I've always suggested you have them cut out!

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