Saturday, February 9, 2013

Get Your Burning Style Question Answered!

This week at you'll get your burning style question answered!

Simply ask your question on my MissusSmartyPants Facebook Fan Page and read the answer this week at MSP in your Personal Profile! You'll want to use this LIST as a reference guide to help you when you get stuck in a fashion dilemma from time to time.

You'll learn answers to style questions like these (and more):

How to wear a necklace so that it won't compete with your belt
Tucked in or let untucked? What's the rule?
The right top length when wearing a skirt
To wear a necklace properly when you have a full bust
How to wear bootie-shoes
How to go sleeveless
How to wear brown and black together or navy and black
Can a woman with a full-booty wear skinnies?

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