Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Skin is Beautiful!

Dear SYSters,

If you have been a MSP SYSter for awhile, you know I advocate good skin care as one of the best ways to look your best.

I'm always looking for products that help us keep our skin youthful and healthy. I encourage you to avoid too much sun exposure and wear sunscreen DAILY.

I just started using this skin care system faithfully and I'm seeing fabulous results! It is made of all natural ingredients and I'm quite pleased with how it makes my skin feel and look.

I've arranged special pricing for all of my MSP SYSters since I love this skin care system so much!

Join me and keep your skin healthy and looking its best!

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Dr Mike Hegi is the chemist behind The Skin Society website he works closely with dermatologist and plastic surgeons to create these products. He has been on my BlogTalk Radio show in the past and I'll twist his arm (okay, just ask nicely) to get him back to answer our skin care questions!


  1. I have sensitivity/allergy issues. Are there small samplers available to try with this brand?

  2. I asked this question for you. By the way my skin tends to be sensitive too, and I find I am having fabulous results!

    "My main business is to develop product for plastic surgeons. I sell
    them product on 500ml bottles. They give sample to their patients.I do
    not make sample sizes but I do refund money with out questions to
    clients who do not like the product.
    What I will suggest is that: Give me her name and tell her that you
    twist my arm and made me agreed to give her (one only)
    30ml./1oz.product of her choice free, for the purpose to test our
    products on her skin. Most of our products have the same base. I will
    send her one bottle as a sample free of charge. But please do not make
    an habit of it."

    I hope that helps. You can go to his website and give them a call.


Thanks for leaving your comment. I hope you enjoy my blog and stop by often!

Love, Leslie

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