Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moms:Take Time for Style

 Moms, how is your style looking lately???

Remember when you knew all the latest trends and styles—and how to wear them? If you are like most women, it was probably before you had kids. Why is that? Our beautiful children are gifts from above, but somehow in the process of becoming a parent, we miss-place our sense of style.

Now you have a budget and anything stylish seems suddenly not important. On the contrary, dressing stylish is very important to who you are! I found this out the hard way as a young mom I let "frumpy" style take over my look. I knew better, but thought that is what moms do....everything for their children. I soon realized this all or nothing attitude is not what I should be doing. I just needed to shop wisely to get my stylish look back. I put my style and budget savvy mindset together and started dressing better. As a young mom in my 20's, it feel fabulous to be a mom w/ style!

Great style doesn’t have to cost a lot. Even inexpensive accessories can really up-date your look and make you feel special. I also found shopping in second-hand stores kept my budget intact. I started by building my wardrobe with the needed basics and took it from there. The fact that I was able to sew (alter) the clothes I purchased made it an even more affordable way to shop.

Taking care of our appearance maintains our sense of identity (as a woman, not just a mom) and makes us feel more confident in general. An improved self-esteem makes us a better mother, wife, employee, etc. Why wouldn't we want to do everything we can to be our best?

We are busy! Our daily lives are often like a juggling act—trying to keep all the balls in the air without dropping any. This is what busy moms do. There is no doubt about it, when you are a mom--life is busy. Often practicality makes us feel we must give up on style. When babies spit up on you, lots of errands to run, or you are staying at home—you think why bother? No real need for makeup or dressing well and before you know--practical and frumpy has taken over your life and looks!

Moms do NOT have to wear un-styled clothes to be comfortable. You can have style without breaking the bank. It is more about changing your attitude and making it happen. That’s where comes in with my weekly style help! I have done most of the work for you--I give you mom-chic style ideas and make it easy! With my weekly shopping guides, style advice and encouragement, you'll be the best you can be...even with your busy schedule!

Women have a way of giving so much that there is nothing left for them. You don’t have to be a martyr in order to be a good mother. No need to lose your sense of style or identity either. You can do both—have style and be a great mom! 

In fact, being the mom that dresses nice and cares about her appearance is actually the one that is teaching her children an important lesson. You are telling them how an adult woman, mother and wife should take care of herself. Set the example for your children by showing them how you love yourself! You are worth it! FlyLady at tells us to take time and pamper. Heed her wise advice and care for yourself.

Take time for style! Add a splash of makeup, a touch of accessories and wear styles are right for your body type—your attitude will be more positive. You will feel like you are no longer blending into the background—you will find that you get noticed and love how you feel. You are a woman of importance after all! You are—just ask your family! Moms, take time for you, take time for style!

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

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