Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's good being a girl!

It is good to be a girl. However, there are many sayings that would say "it is a man's world, there is a glass ceiling, women earn only 70 cents on the dollar compared to a man." All of this may still be true. And I've certainly seen plenty of women try to be more man-like--as if it's better or something? Some women try to dress more "manly" (by wearing asexual suits at work w/out feminine details) some women try to be more "manly" in their negotiating ways too. Why be something you're not?

I say it's great being a girl! In fact I say it's better to be a girl...and I'm proud of it. 

Now that the weather is warming up, here's how I'm showing off my feminine side...
I'm wearing my Jessica Simpson pink faux croc pumps I purchased last July ($59) at Nordy's Anniversary Sale while in New Jersey traveling on business. It's time to bring them out again and strut my stuff. 

Women are special...we get to wear skirts, dresses and a ruffle or two if we want. We also can wear killer heels if we feel like it! Can a man do that?! Hopefully NOT!

While recently at a "Girls Night Out" I enjoyed the saying this on a cocktail napkin:

Yup. Being a girl is great! 

If I'm wearing my pink croc pumps this week, how are YOU going to show your "girly" side?


  1. Hi Leslie! LOVE the sign! Funnily enough, I just bought myself a new flat iron and have been making a little extra effort with my hair every morning...makes a big difference to how I feel.

    Keep up the good work! :D

  2. LOVE my flat iron too...makes life better, LOL!

  3. Being a girl is amazing :) I love those pink Jessica Simpson pumps, unfortunately I do not own a pair :) That won't stop me from being beautiful this week, I think to show my girls side, I'll wear pink everyday this week. Its not good being a girl, its great!

  4. CUTE - sure wish I'd had a flat iron in the early 90's. I was overzealous with the curling iron!


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