Friday, March 26, 2010

Who wears short shorts?

It's that time of year to expose our legs! I know it sounds scary at first but....

I am happy to announce the fashion gods have finally answered our prayers! A flattering length of short is “IN”. The Bermuda short! Yes, ladies the Bermuda short that hits at, above or just below the knee-- is a “hot” fashion statement! We can ALL finally wear something cute, comfortable--and trendy!  (I think the fashion gods are saying sorry for the impossible-to-wear “skinny” pants most of had the sense not to wear!)

Women wonder (and ask) what is the most flattering length for shorts, capris and cropped pants? Your pant or short length is often one of the first things noticed about you. So wearing the best length for your body type is important. Here are basic guidelines to get you started. In a couple of weeks a complete shorts guide for each body type (with pictures) will be listed at

Follow these guidelines to help you find your best length:

Bermuda shorts: Hits at the knee. This length is universally flattering. Look for a flat front (no pleats) straight cut for the leanest look. Inseam should be about 12”. Add a wedge heel or espadrille sandal for a long sleek and dressier look. A cropped or fitted jacket works well with Bermuda shorts too. For a more casual look, wear flats, a short-sleeved cardigan sweater and perhaps a pretty long beaded necklace.

Walking shorts: Hits mid-thigh and are loose, casual and comfortable. This style is best for women that are fairly confident with their legs and thighs. Best length is around 7” inseam.

Short shorts: These are also called “Daisy Dukes”. Short shorts are for ladies who used their Thighmasters all winter--or answer by the name of Jessica (Simpson). Inseams are a mere 3”.

Capris: These tend to run around the mid-calf area and can be hard to wear. Women love Capris because they are cooler than long pants and hide a multitude of “issues”. The best Capri silhouette for most women (unless they are tall and thin—then any length is okay) is above the calf. If capris are long, have them hemmed up shorter to add slenderizing length to your legs. Avoid capris that hit your thickest part of your calf.

Cropped pants: These are above the ankle bone. Cropped pants are very hard to wear. If you are heavier or shorter—your legs appear chopped off—like tree trunks. If you are tall, you appear even taller and like you are wearing high-water pants! Wear cropped pants with a heel for the most leg lengthening look. MissusSmartyPant’s advice is to avoid them all together.

Petites and plus sizes: Wear shorter lengths for shorts and capris, if you can. Find a length that is flattering (around the knee is best) and avoid the longer lengths that can make you look dumpy. The longer your legs look the better, tall, leaner, etc.—you get the picture!

One last thing before you get your legs out there…spend some time pampering. Groom your legs (shave) use tan-in-a-can (if you need a glow) and get your tooties looking terrific too! Now you are ready for flip-flops, sandals and of course--Bermuda shorts!

Love, Leslie

P.S. Are you ready to show off your gams?


  1. Sadly, NO, I am not ready. My calves look ok, my toes are passable, but it's the thighs and hips. I don't want to buy new shorts (or shoes) for this summer. I know I should dress my body for it's CURRENT state, but ugh, this whole postpartum business is wearing on my nerves.

  2. I know, I know (big sigh)...but a least talking about it is a good start! Warmer weather is on its way!

  3. Sigh... I've just notice that spider veins on my upper calf have really increased. Any products you know of that can give a tan and cover them?

  4. Diane, I have the spider veins, too, and I'm only 27! I have a girlfriend that recently had surgery to correct hers. The funny thing is, I'd seen her legs quite often, living in HOT Florida, yet had never once noticed her unsightly veins. As a matter of fact, I can't think of the last time I so much as glanced at someone's back of their calves! That being realized, I'ved decided to let my Jerens Glow lotion do what it can, then go out and play on my shorts and swimsuit with my kiddo! If someone notices my veins, maybe it will make them feel better about themselves, and they'll decide they can let go an participate in life, too!

  5. Leslie,

    Where would I go to buy a pair of shorts like the ones pictured above? I love them!!

    Melissa L.

  6. Melissa,

    The shorts pictured are from (last year)

    I have a pair just like them I purchased at a department store. My shorts brand is Liz Clairborne.


    I like your idea of putting on some Jergens glow lotion---then let go and have fun!

    We certainly do hyper-focus on our imperfections and it holds us back from life!!! Go out and enjoy your life...bumps and all!

    I'm w/ Mac...doing my best, then going out and enjoying it all!


  7. I am so glad to have found this site. I Know nothing about fashion but I still wanna look good! And I agree that we should be out there LIVING our lives!


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