Saturday, March 6, 2010

A welcome weekend...

This last week has been crazy-busy. Luckily it was very productive for my business. I just need some time to regroup and relax. Horray for the weekend! I'm ready to take it on and enjoy.

Are you ready for the new spring fashions? I sure am. I love the soft pastels of spring, they will be a fresh way to dress this spring...however I would never mix patterns of the same size (like pictured above). Would you? How do you successfully mix patterns? For me, I always let one print be big & bold, while the other compliments. I also make sure the prints have the same color palette. What are your tricks for pattern mixing?


  1. I wouldn't mix prints like that unless I dressed in my sleep. It looks like she knicked her legs while shaving to me. LOL I don't think I'm tall enough to mix patterns. They would be too concentrated on my 5'1" frame. My favorite warm weather wear is an a-line skirt with a small flowered pattern, a solid color fitted T (v-necked of course), with sandals. I like to wear my prints on the bottom because I am smaller on the bottom than the top. I'm going to the mall tomorrow to see what kind of sandals I can find before my size gets sold out!

  2. As a petite...keep it simple. Too much of anything will overwhelm you.

    I like the idea of dressing bold and seeing unique ways of wearing spring styles...but you know what it is that just bugs me? In this picture, the scale of the 2 patterns are the same...I hate that! One pattern must dominate and be bolder. Maybe I'm just "old school" here...


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Love, Leslie

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