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Quick Tips to Dressing Well

Quick Tips to Dressing Well

One of the most important aspects of dressing well (and what MissusSmartyPants is all about) is learning what styles will or will not flatter your body shape.


Another important part of dressing well is wearing clothes that FIT you correctly. Clothes that are too baggy, or too tight will only make you appear out of proportion and often larger than you really are! Learning basics about fit and proportion can really set your style above and apart from the masses.

However, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference in your appearance. ..

Here are five quick style tips to help you dress your best:

1. Have the pockets of your pants sewn shut. They “poof” out and make you appear 5 pounds heavier and grab attention at your hips. I've done this to several of my pants and it makes a HUGE difference.

2. Check your posture. Stand up straight and suck in the tummy—you will automatically look slimmer. Make this a conscious effort each day…and see what happens when you are standing taller--not hunched over.

3. Always use a full length mirror. Check yourself out from head to toe...before stepping out the door. Better yet, look in a three-way mirror…people do see you from all angles.

4. Shop during the week. The stores are better stocked from the weekend and you will get the help you deserve. Less chance of impulse buys when you take your time.

(Me, shopping at the Nordstrom sale)

5. Shop alone. You will focus more on your needs. Take your MissusSmartyPants profile recommendations shopping with you. You won’t get side-tracked and can take the time to find clothes that are the most flattering and suit your wardrobe needs.

Love, Leslie...your fashion stylist & friend

BIO: Leslie Gonzales AKA MissusSmartyPants helps women by assessing their body
types and building personal profiles for each woman dress her best.

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  1. MSP, I was thinking of taking my sister shopping with me because she has such a good eye for color and style, whereas I am somewhat lacking in that department. But you're saying this is not a good idea?

  2. I wondered about the shopping by yourself comment too. I usually shop by myself, but I find it much more enjoyable having a girlfriend with me to bounce ideas off of, & getting an honest opinion.

  3. Generally speaking it's NOT a good idea because you don't concentrate on what you are there for. You have to take into consideration what shop they want to visit and it's more sociable than a shopping mission for you.

    It's really up to you, if you feel you don't have the confidence to make a decision and truly feel your sister (or close girlfriend) has your best interest at heart and is NOT just saying they like something because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

    Beware of the sales help!!! They are notorious for telling your something "looks lovely on you" when it doesn't look that good! I've seen this over and over with my own eyes. Out and out blantant LIES!

    Once I was in White House/Black Market and this heavy gal had on a tight short dress. It looked horrible like she had been poured into it...they sales gal told her the moment she came out of the dressing room "Wow! Look at you, so sexy"! It was a lie, but she was thinking the gal had a point.

    If I could have had a moment with this shopper, I would have gently told her the truth. It made my blood boil!!!

    Seen this sales ploy at Cachet too. Older woman in a leather mini skirt...telling her how young she looks in it! (What she looked was desparate to BE young again in that skirt).

    I'm not saying any of this to be mean. Just the honest truth. If you feel someone can help you, by all means go for it. However, make sure it's all about you and what you are trying to achieve.


  4. Those of us who are easily sidetracked may benefit from taking a focused friend with them; when I shop alone, I tend to wander & get distracted. While this is not always bad (I wind up with great accessories I might otherwise not have noticed), I may not accomplish what I came for!

  5. I agree 100% with your comments on shopping alone to improve focus and some sales clerks trying to score a commission (my own interpretation added for purpose of deceptive compliments). In fact, I prefer shopping SANS SALES PEOPLE...give me a key to the dressing room then let me be!

  6. Hi, it's Edie again. Just wanted to add that I ended up going shopping for my Christmas Eve outfit with a friend, not my sister, but she's an artist, and she was able to help me put together an outfit that looked really good. She's an honest person, and when I was picking up things that she didn't think would look good, she told me. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit Christmas Eve. Everyone wanted to know where I went shopping. My sister was pleased, too, and glad that I got a nice outfit. I went back to the same store (Lane Bryant) and using MSP's guide for colors and styles that would look good for my body type, I purchased some more clothing, which I really needed. I am now satisfied with my new wardrobe, thanks in no small part to MSP!


Thanks for leaving your comment. I hope you enjoy my blog and stop by often!

Love, Leslie

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