Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shop the Sales…But With a Plan!

Get ready! It’s time for after-Christmas shopping! Retailers definitely need to seriously move merchandise! Right now, the sales are tremendous with slashed prices already at 75% off at some stores! 

Retailers are now stocking the selves with resort wear and early spring shipments these next couple of weeks. This means fall/winter merchandise needs to be cleared out--now. Take advantage of this clearance mode, but spend your dollars wisely…and do so with a plan. 

Remember now is the time to get great basics—at the end-of-season sales!

  • Ask yourself over and over, “Do I need this?” Remember this mantra—DO I NEED THIS?
  • Does this look good on me? Is this the right style for my body type? Knowing the styles best for your body type will save you time and money…not to mention, you’ll look like a million bucks!
  • Is this my color? Is this a color that fits into my wardrobe plan and complements my own skin and hair coloring? (refer to your seasonal color guide in your Personal Profile)
  • Buy for the body you are currently in. Don’t beat yourself up and reminisce when you wore 3 dresses smaller! This negative thinking won’t help you. You need to dress for today!
  • Remember the MSP rule: you must be able to wear it at least 3 different ways to make it useful in your wardrobe. If you buy something but have nothing to wear with it—it’s not a bargain.
  • Stock up now on basics. Look for camisoles, tanks, tees, lightweight v-neck cotton sweaters and favorite bras or undies and such. Look for pieces that extend your wardrobe.
  • Fewer things, better quality. No one will remember if a dark neutral jacket is repeated later in the week. A bright fuchsia jacket is harder to repeat in the same week. (have fewer of these stand-outs)
  • Try a trend—don’t invest in a trend. Long gypsy sleeves never stay in style very long and same goes with many of the trends. No need to invest designer dollars on a passing trend. Try a trendy item when the price is right or pass on it all together.
  • Shop everywhere. Bargains are to be found at end of year sales in every price range. Don’t discount (pun intended) more expensive stores! Every store and every rack is where you are shopping this season---because you have a list, and know what you are looking for!
  • For serious shopping—go it alone. When you concentrate on the styles, fit and colors that you like and the clothes on your list—less chances of getting sidetracked.
  • Got to love it! Don’t buy anything unless you love it! This is true for sale racks, outlet stores and full priced clothing.

Happy “sale” shopping!
Love, Leslie MSP


  1. What great tips for shopping sensibly!

  2. Thanks, Leslie, I don't believe I saw this last year when it was first published. This will certainly come in handy. I was going to buy my basics before the holiday season, but now I know better, thanks to you! I can wait if it means saving money.

    Now if only iTunes had sales!


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