Monday, December 27, 2010

Would you...could you wear this???

I happened to see the Rachel Ray Show about a week's not something I normally watch. In fact I usually don't have the TV on when it comes on.

However, I stopped and watched the segment with Ms. Jenner on because I couldn't get over her shoes! They were definitely something to see! They were pure bright white heels with heavy gold chains on them!

I remember thinking what "old lady" would wear those ugly things? Well, I guess if you belong to the Kardashian clan and in the "biz" you'd wear them. As for me...I'm staying a little more classic.

My question for you is: would you...could you wear white shoes like hers? How about black tights with white shoes, would you rock this style that pops up every couple of years or so?


  1. If I were younger, I might. But being over 40, even when I wear something on the trendy side, I don't want to look like I'm a 40 something trying to be a 20 something.

  2. I wouldn't wear that, but I'd find black tights and white heels just as tacky on a woman in her teens or 20's. Not that I would call someone born in 1955 an old lady!

  3. No, thank you. Leave that to the celebrities and their misguided stylists!

  4. never!! a bit too minnie mouse--ish!!

  5. I never wear white shoes at all, even in summer. I remember my high school choir teacher reminding us never to wear white shoes for our concerts because they made our feet look bigger on stage. Who wants bigger feet?

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. To me the shiny white shoes w/ heavy gold chains and black tights did look tacky.

    Of course Ray Rachel pretended to admire such shoes, LOL!

    I love style... but to me I found them shocking!

  7. I would totally wear white shoes wit black tights. I recently received these shoes ( for Christmas and have rocked them a couple of ways. I love experimenting with my style, and now that I know what looks good on me (thanks to you!), it's easier to do this! I know this style is not for everyone, and I think it can be done well. :)


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