Monday, December 13, 2010

What type of shoe to wear with wide-legged pants

Dear Leslie,

I see a lot of wider-leg pant styles. You have also suggested them in my personal profile at
My question is, what types of shoes go with the wider pants?

Thanks for offering this much needed service. I’m looking so much better and hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t say something about how great I dress now! Go Me!


Nordstrom Billy Blue Wide Leg Twill Pants


That’s a great question!

Generally speaking, the flatter your shoe, the more narrow your pants should be. So, if you choose a wider-leg silhouette, you should have a heeled shoe with a more substantial heel or a wedge type shoe. The thicker heel balances nicely with a wider pant leg and gives you a balanced look.

This shoe would be perfect: Dillards BCBG Wedge

Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants


  1. I was going to say MSP.... Wide-legged pants cry out for chunky heels or wedges, and in my opinion boots(anklets or higher) are a better choice unless you're talking high summer (linen, light coton, etc) pants. If a pant has fall-winter substance then a boot (thick heel/wedge) is called for.

    Whatever you do, wide-legged always looks wrong/odd with flats.

  2. Thank goodness you pointed this out now, because I just bought a great new outfit (took a friend with me, and she actually helped) but the pants are bootcut at the bottom. So now I know I need to wear a heel or more substantial shoe. I was going to wear silver ballet flats, but that would just be wrong. Oh, no, this means I have to go shoe shopping! :)

  3. @Edith nice to hear a friend was helpful w/ your shopping trip.

    If you need to now buy a pair of shoes, look for quality and comfort as well as style. If you don't have any thicker heeled shoes (boots) or wedge type of shoes'll probably find you are going to wear them often.

    It's worth the investment in the long run to get something that is comfortable that you'll enjoy wearing over and over.

    Enjoy your new outfit :)

    Love, Leslie


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