Monday, January 3, 2011

My Style Resolutions

It's the New Year and it's my first birthday of blogging! 
Happy Birthday to me...tee hee!

I didn't quite make January 1st in time to post 
my New Year's Style Resolutions...but here they are:

  • Wear more color. I've certainly got lots of basics in black. This year I'm hoping to add more color by adding/replacing basics in COLORS

  • Wear unusual color combinations.  I just did this yesterday and if I do say so myself it came off fabulously!!! Yesterday I wore a dark gray long-sleeved v-neck tee, a deep raspberry fly-away cardigan and a burnt amber necklace w/ my mid-toned bootcut jeans and boots! I need more of this interesting color mixing...don't you?
  • Purge my closet! Yes, even I get out of control! A organized closet shows us much more style possibilities because it's not so chaotic! Leslie, get cleaning and purging ASAP!

  • Change up my purse more often. Same 'ol, same 'ol is well, boring! Change it up Leslie (and anyone else whose acting lazy out there!)
  • Re-arrange my jewelry. This is a biggie for me. I'm way too blessed with gobs of jewelry from my former jewelry business (I LOVE accessories & jewelry still). I have drawers full of jewelry. Each drawer: one for necklaces, one for bracelets, etc... Then I have a BIG jewelry box with my earrings and more (smaller) necklaces inside! What I need is a better way to SEE it all! Not sure HOW I'm going to re-arrange my jewelry---but it would help because I could dress/accessorize quicker!

  • Take more/share more of my style photos. Take more photos of my daily outfits. I come up with some cool outfits...but then don't take any pictures (like yesterday's creation). A MUST DO! 

  • A triathon? Okay, not really a 'style resolution' but something on my list...perhaps that's a bucket list, LOL! I came close to making this a reality last maybe this year is THE year! I'm also BIG on mountain more of that too!

So, what's on your list of STYLE resolutions/improvements for this year? 

PLEASE SHARE! I'd love to hear from YOU!


  1. Can I just say that I recently joined your blog and I'm loving what I'm reading!!!!
    I'm not huge on having to be the height of fashion but I always feel wonderful when I feel I look wonderful. My major fashion resolution is to clean out my closet and to stop buying things that don't go with something I already own. If it doesn't go with anything I can't wear it! (profound, I know). Also I'm going to branch out and try new styles {[(very excited)]}

  2. My necklaces and bracelets are hanging on my wall off painted metal rake heads. I can see everything and wear almost everything I have! It is so much fun and looks like art!!

  3. What I need is a better way to SEE it all. My SIL had a neat set up behind her bathroom door. A 3X5 piece of peg board was hung with ribbon from a clothes hook. S hooks held her long/big necklaces. A large embroidery hoop with net stretched between the pieces held post and wire earrings. Small necklaces & bracelets were in small zip lock bags with a hole at the top to hang from a S hook. Pins were pinned to a long wide piece of velvet ribbon. Hair accessories were clipped to another long piece of ribbon. Hope this helps.

  4. I made my own earring holder. Got a picture frame, the size you want, remove the glass. Hot glue wire mesh(I got mine at a home improvement store, just ask for replacement screening for screen doors) replace picture frame backing and hang on the wall. I love it because I can see all my earrings at once!

  5. @Becky, welcome! You are so on track to better only "thoughtfully" purchasing your wardrobe will really come together! This will also save you money. Give new styles a's what being a woman is all about (expressing yourself).

    @Jenny painted rake cool is that?! Neat-o idea girl!

    @Ila a pretty board w/ s-hooks might work for me too. I have lots of zip-lock bags because lots of my jewelry is sterling silver (keeping it air tight keeps it from tarnishing).

    @Krystina (cool spelling and pretty name, btw) are handy dandy! I like your idea and others will too!

    Thanks for sharing y'all! ANY PHOTOS??? Let me know and we'll get them posted here!

  6. Leslie, your jewelry dilemma sounds like mine, I have a jewelry/accessories shoppe and I love, love, love jewelry and accessories. My big problem is how to organize it so I can see it all. I have six large stand up jewelry boxes and several overnite bags full of jewelry and I forget what I have. I can't get rid of it because I love it all....I also sell designer purses and blingy purses and I don't know what to do with them all either. My closets are full and there is no more room, so I take them back to the store, sometimes I resell my purses at a really low discount, because they have been used, just to make room for more. Do you think I'm a hoarder? or just crazy? I can't wait to see how you do your jewelry. Any suggestions for purses and scarves would be great.

  7. Just caught up on a few of your posts and some comments:

    1) I shopped the sales after the holdiay with a specific goal in mind and I actually stuck to it (except for making one very bad fashion decision that I later returned). I got a fabulous bargain on a cute black coat and I love it. I'm definitely doing more thoughtful shopping these days.

    2) White shoes and black tights? NEVER!!! I'm generally not a fan of white shoes to begin with. I don't think I even own a pair.

    3) Does sealing sterling silver in plastic baggies keep them from tarnishing? I used to hang mine from a hook so I could see them, but they all tarnished. If the baggie idea is the answer, I'll definitely do that!

    4) One of my resolutions is to, like you, purge my closet of stuff I don't wear, and also to fix or mend the things that I love. I have a pair of boots that I love but they need a new insole. Instead of tossing them, I'm taking them to the cobbler to get them fixed. I'm sewing buttons on clothes that have needed them for years, and having favorite pieces altered to fit.

    Love your blog and happy blog birthday!

  8. Congratulations on the blog birthday!

    And we shall be watching for news of your - perhaps - Triathlon! Go you! *\o/*

  9. @ Connie...I think you are a crazy-hoarder, LOL! I'm right there with you on loving jewelry/accessories too much!

    As for my handbags...I store them up on the top shelf in my closet. For my belts I keep them in the bottom drawer of my closet dresser. BUT I'm going to get this multi-hanger thingie next time I'm at Ikea (for my belts and scarves)

    Kathy...that's BIG yes! As a former owner of a sterling silver jewelry business...keep your silver away from damp moist bathrooms and air in general when not being worn. It also helps keep the necklaces untangled. Zip-lock baggies are the best...and WHY I think I have a problem with storing much of my do you make zip-lock baggies look nice? We will see what I come up with this year for my jewelry.

    @ Kathy...sounds like you are off to savvy-smart style this year...way to go!It will probably be one of your best style years ever.

    @ Diane...if not a tri, probably a mountain bike'll see soon enough, LOL! This is my scaredy cat challenge!

  10. Hi, I just happened across your page while looking for Yes, An Even Better Way to Organize my Jewelry! LOL! I have always been a huge accessories addict and now that I work at Chico's, it is even worse! I currently use those clear plastic drawers and zip locks, as well as a large decorative cork board.(I use those really large thumb tacks and hang long necklaces or ones that might tangle I divide the jewelry into sets or colorways that I wear together and then put them into gallon size bags. I set the bags inside the larger drawers, this way it is easy to grab a whole collection, select the pieces I need and go. Also, it isn't such a big deal to put it away later. I also have on top of the drawer system another set of clear drawers in a med-large size that I have random costume rings, bracelets and earrings separated into. I know the clear drawers might seem a little tacky but they are inside my closet anyhow. I also have belts and scarves in another drawer and I use the bottom drawers for all those cute little flat sandals! I am thinking about trying those hosiery pocket bags to separate sets of jewelry but then I suppose I would lose precious rack space! Any ideas girls?


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