Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Shop a Sale

The objective to attending a sale is to make off with some really great bargains for your wardrobe!

The problem is we get easily caught up in the frenzy of the word: SALE. We see racks and tables crammed full of merchandise with bright red signs exclaiming "drastically reduced". We just can't miss out on all the fabulous "bargains"!

The truth is anything you buy is ONLY a bargain if you wear it. There is no sense in buying clothes that are only $20 or $5 for that matter if you don't wear them. You won't wear clothes that don't match your personal coloring (skin, hair and eye color) or those that don't match your personal style or lifestyle or more importantly don't work for your body type.

But if you are looking to make out with a couple of bargains while the sales are's what to shop for at the end-of-the-season JANUARY sales:

It may be cold outside but the stores are full of red-hot bargains!

Boots. Gosh, is it possible to ever have too many? Now is the time to get the better quality leather boots at a more affordable price. Of course sizes might be limited but so worth a look!

Winter wraps, cap, hats, gloves and scarves. The stores need seasonal merchandise like this cleared out to make room for the new warm season merchandise. Go for COLOR and winter accessories that will perk up your winter jackets and coats.

Outerwear. Do you have what you really need? Or is your winter coat worn out and boring black? Look for something you really like...there are still several months of cool weather to enjoy your new coat! Go find one on sale now!

Seasonal red. Red sweaters, jackets and the like leftover from Christmas are all on sale now. A true RED looks good on most women. Go for it and wear this bold color or buy RED as a gift for VALENTINES DAY!

Lightweight wraps, tunics sweaters. These not only work now with a long sleeved tee...they'll work great with a sundress on a cool summer evening later.

A lightweight sweater makes a great sundress cover-up...

Wardrobe Basics. Top quality wardrobe basics made out of tropical wool, gabardine, poly blends in basic colors like black, brown and gray should always be on your list! These "go-to" garments are the GLUE to any stylish woman's wardrobe that are worn year round.
The "basics" aren't just for business like this...

Separate the "suited" pieces and make a variety of stylish outfits!

Denims. Look for these to be on sale at back-to-school time and in January. Since we live in denims and in a casual'll probably want to take a look.

Camis, tanks and t-shirts. Look for unique styles, beading, sequins, lace trim or anything that will give a new edge to your every day basics. These are all on sale in January but worn year-round.

Sequined and sexy. Just because you weren't invited out on New Year's doesn't mean you don't need a sequined and sexy top! At bargain prices you just might find a classy (yet sexy) sequined tank you can wear with dark denims and heels!

Special occasion dresses. Again, just because you didn't have some place to go on New Year's (am I referring to myself???) does not mean you won't need a special occasion dress later in the season. The sale racks are full of party dresses that never got invited if you have an upcoming prom, gala, awards dinner, cruise vacation or wedding (or need a dressy LBD) take a look this January.

Now that you know how to shop a sale, happy sale shopping. Remember, shop with a plan. Buy only what you love and what you need. 

Also shop MID WEEK (Wed. or Thursdays) when the stores are less busy...yet preparing for the upcoming weekend. You'll get just the right amount of "sales help" when you shop the sales in the middle of the week!

Love, Leslie


  1. I don't know if it's just me, but your pictures aren't showing up.

    Thanks for the info, though.


  2. Cindy,

    Thanks for telling me that!

    The pictures show up beautifully on my Mac but NOT on my pc!

    Formatting can be so hard sometimes, LOL!

  3. Great tips! Department stores are great as they have sale clothes divided up by colour (I only browse the racks that are in my seasonal colours). I haven't bought much this sale season (been a good girl! LOL) but did find a fantastic short sleeved cardigan with a ruffle front in a zingy orange colour. Wearing it right now with a white blouse underneath and a patterned scarf. It'll also be great in the summer over my white dresses and tops. Very pleased. It was on final clearance at 125 Danish crowns (about $25) and turns out it's by a British designer. A bargain! :D

  4. Shopping through sales period is an art.Thanks for sharing great tips with us!


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