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More on Skirt Length...

Your skirt length (dress, capri or pant length for that matter) makes a HUGE impact on your overall appearance. Below is yet another sweet woman questioning the quandary about skirt length. 

(See previous post about skirt length if needed:

"I'm not so sure about this. I have always felt that skirts that hit my knees look awful. As my legs have gotten more muscular and much thicker due to my career I find that the only skirts that look decent on me are ankle length, because they don't chop my already short legs in half"

Well, one thing I can agree on is...DON'T "chop up your already short legs in half"...just the thought of this sounds icky!!! Nothing you wear should CHOP you in half! (I know it sounds funny, but really I'm not joking here)

So instead of explaining the skirt length measuring theory yet again...I thought a visual is in order:

What looks best to you?



YOU the jury still out on this? Yes or no?

Do the first 2 skirts look better OR the last one? 

What's your opinion? Leave a comment about finding YOUR best length.


  1. But the photos are not dowdy middle-aged women wearing sensible shoes :-( OK I know you are un-dowdying us but when your middle and thighs and cankles are thick, does this still apply?

  2. I think there might be a place and time for the first skirt (a hot day in summer, casual attire), but I think the last picture has the least amount of visual "weight" on the bottom half. So I would have to go with the last picture looking better. It also looks more updated, whereas the first two look more old fashioned. The middle skirt - that's the skirt length all the female stars in "All About Eve" starring Bette Davis are wearing. It looks good on them, because it was apropos of that time, but now it looks old-fashioned.

  3. Good point about our size making a difference. I think it also depends on whether the skirt is an "A" line, flair, pencil, straight, or circle skirt. Pencil skirts make me look wide, while a flair just below the knees does wonders for me. It also depends on where the hem of my blouse or sweater sits.

  4. I have to agree with thrfty.. All the models have a thin, "balanced" figure. The question was asked by a shorter, more muscular woman. I don't think skirt length is a universal thing. I am right on the edge between petite and average in height, have a broad-shouldered build that is thick through the waist and thighs, and muscular calves. For me, the best length of skirt is the one in the middle because it shows off one of my nicest attributes - my ankles. A skirt that ends anywhere around the knee tends to accentuate the thickness of both my waist and calves.

  5. One of these things is not like the others . . . ! The last picture has changed up not only the length of the skirt, but it also is patterned. That factor, as well as length, can play a big part in the overall appearance of an outfit.
    BTW, I prefer the third; I'm still trying to figure out my own best style, though.

  6. I have one of each. The first is linen and only appropriate for summer. The second is a heavier material but I haven't worn it lately because I feel it's way too long and unflattering. I've been leaning toward the third in my purchases because I feel they are the most flattering. Plus, I will always love the pencil skirt. A good fashion blog for the body type described with thrifty is She's petite but not super thin and she has thicker calves. She wears knee length all the time and looks great. Check her out!

  7. Kathy, Thanks for the website. LOVE this. I have her build too, short and thick calves. I always get compliments on the pencil skirt(I only have one) whenever I wear it. I wish more pictures depicted women with a fuller figure and curvy legs.

  8. I'd only wear the third skirt's length. I'm 5'4" and anything that goes below my knees makes me look shorter and dumpy. My calves are not slim, but they look much worse when my skirt goes beyond the knee. A skirt down to my ankles makes me look like a little girl wearing mommy's clothes; cute on a 3 year old, but not on a 57 year old.

  9. Number three. I don't care what the 'fashionable' length is (here, during the summer, maxi was popular), I'm sticking with on the knee! :D

  10. No doubt about this one! I think hemming my skirts to mid-knee length was the best thing I have learned from MSP. My husband just told me the other day that I dress much younger now at the age of 51 than I did when I was in my 20's. I thank you and my husband thanks you, Leslie!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. Sherry,

    When hubbies SAY something about what we are's a big deal!

    I'm happy to hear you found YOUR best skirt length & I'm happy you are my SYSter in style too!

    Love, Leslie


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